New Music June 2020

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Partae Playlist June 2020

Reece Lemonius – Something I Can Feel (Video)

The dark and compelling single ‘Something I Can Feel’, taken from Reece Lemonius’s ‘Midnight’ EP, is now accompanied by an equally captivating music video. Shot in a flickering red haze, the visuals are suggestive of the need to feel something, even if it hurts. The video complements the vulnerable lyrics of the sombre yet polished R&B track.

MYRY – Stuck In A Loop (Molly Mouse and Jett Polo Remix) 

Producers Molly Mouse and Jett Polo have created a remix of MYRY’s soft pop offering ‘Stuck In A Loop’, capturing the ethereal nature of her breathy vocals in the original track and elevating it into a summer anthem through buoyant beats and tropical house elements. We hope to hear more of the synergy between this sibling duo on future collabs.


Swiss R&B prodigy LAGIOIA released the enchanting acoustic ballad ‘Lord’ earlier this month. Cast over delicate guitar melodies, her soulful vocals effortlessly glide between honeyed falsetto and emotive belts as she sings candidly about struggles with self-love. Inspired by Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys, LAGIOIA possesses boundless potential.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – Neon Blue (Video)

The video for Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s 2019 release ‘Neon Blue’ is out now, shot in an iridescent haze of purple lights and smoke plumes. The visuals are centered around Breon alone in a small bedroom, conjuring a sense of reflection that supplements the moody percussion, pensive lyrics and dark hip-hop flow of this interlude.

Dylan Joshua – hologramº EP

Canadian hip-hop artist Dylan Joshua transports listeners into the future with the release of his conceptual EP ‘hologramº’. Exploring the topics of mental health and digitalisation, Joshua raps candid lyrics mellifluously, flowing over dark chill-hop beats and atmospheric elements. This transcendent record uncovers more of its complexities with each play.

Anna Aarons – Since You Went Away

Specialising in soulful indie-pop, singer-songwriter Anna Aarons has released her second single of the year, both championing female empowerment and family. ‘Since You Went Away’ is an homage to Anna’s late grandmother; the lyrics portray grief and absence, yet the song is uplifting through its upbeat rhythms and elated melodies.

Holly Abraham – Love Will Come (EP)

Holly’s husky vocals are accompanied by softly strummed guitar and sweeping strings on the title track and EP opener ‘Love Will Come.’ This is the debut project from Bristol-based indie folk pop artist Holly Abraham, who specialises in expressing vulnerable emotions through her lyrics, paired with productions that feel both delicate and grand simultaneously.


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