NEIL JAM3S and Jaxxee ‘How It Goes’ Premiere

by the partae

Today marks the debut of “How It Goes,” the latest funky single from Jaxxee, celebrated for her sultry, soulful vocals. Teaming up with acclaimed producer Neil James Cooke-Dallin, this collaboration promises an electrifying fusion of indie dance and dirty disco, igniting a sonic journey for listeners worldwide.

Neil’s illustrious career, spanning over three decades from the analog tape era to the digital age, has earned him accolades such as the Western Canadian Music Awards’ Instrumental Artist of the Year for his work on Astrocolor’s “Paradise.” His versatility shines through collaborations with Grammy winners like Steve Christensen and Grammy-nominated Count, showcasing his prowess as both artist and producer.

Jaxxee’s mesmerizing voice has captivated audiences locally and beyond, earning her acclaim for her genre-blending prowess. Since her debut single “GONE,” a poignant exploration of healing, she has graced esteemed platforms like CBC’s Marvin’s Room and Sirius XM’s Canada Talks – That Eric Alper Show, solidifying her status as one of the top emerging artists of 2023.

Together, as NEIL JAM3S and Jaxxee, they deliver a seductive sonic experience with “How It Goes,” just the beginning of what promises to be a prolific collaboration from this dynamic duo. As the owner of Burning Rainbow, Victoria’s premier recording studio, Neil hints at more exciting projects to come from this talented writing team.

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