NECTAR release debut EP ‘LOVE IN LIMBO’ Featuring new single ‘Pipe Dreams’

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Photo by: Luke Hackett 

Perth indie soul quartet Nectar have today released their debut EP ‘Love In Limbo’. 

The lush 3 track EP was produced by Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May) at Tone City Recording Studio. They’ve released a number of singles in the past year including this year’s ‘Waiting On The World Won’t Work’, scoring playlist support from Spotify’s (Local Noise, Indie Arrivals). 

‘Love In Limbo’ features their new single ‘Pipe Dreams’, it’s a light hearted track centered around a hopeful thought of an attaining an utopia which seems to be ever so unattainable, with the band adding “we aren’t always pessimistic we promise, we know this is a dream many of us have and wish for! The themes of the song are really tied together with the cohesive instrumental changing moods from verse to chorus resolving on the point that all you can do is try to be your best self and to “take care”.

On this new EP the young 4 piece illustrate how their songwriting has evolved over this past year, going from strength to strength as they refine their silky jazz sound and aural personality with comparisons to Dope Lemon and Tame Impala.

 “Love in Limbo comes from a deep love of party games, Matt is flexible and wins limbo everytime, even though Jac, Jack and Judah do yoga every morning to keep up.” NECTAR

EP Tracklisting

Pipe Dreams

Way too Soon

Found a New Friend 

EP artwork by: Edd Atchison

Their love of chilled vibes shines brightly on their debut EP.  It’s the perfect playlist for a Sunday afternoon, their storytelling punctuated with slow jam melodies. It was through a shared love of similar music that sowed the NECTAR seed. The band members have a parent or close relative who either teaches or plays music, inspiring their songwriting and musicality, including Jac’s sibling Stella Donnelly.

“The process is natural it comes from the heart, not in a cardio-vascular sense but a loving and passionate way, often times it will be a result of jamming out ideas that flow out of our fingertips, which is then structured under scrutiny of the honest and open minded brotherhood that is Nectar. Judah then goes home and writes lyrics to put the ‘icing on the cake’ ; he is quite the chef in the kitchen and the studio.” NECTAR

Nectar will celebrate the release of their debut EP Love In Limbo’ in Perth on October 28. 

They are also confirmed to perform at Nannup Music Festival 2023.


Indian Ocean Hotel, Scarborough, Perth, October 28 tickets

Supports: Hey Hannah, King Blue, Jamie Terry DJ (POND)

Gliding effortlessly between shades of psychedelia, neo-soul and indie soundscapes, Nectar are solidifying their position as one of Perth’s next big acts to keep a close eye on. The appeal of their music has been reflected in the band’s stats; with over 220K streams on Spotify alone, playlisting on Local Noise, Indie Arrivals, NMF (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland),  and a performance history that has seen Nectar excel as headliners and supports for artists including The Buoys and Keli Holiday. 

They have previously been playlisted on: triple j, triple j unearthed, RTR (including performing at the RTR Radiothon Festival),  FBi, 2ser, SYN, with press support from Pilerats, AAA Backstage, Broken 8 Records, X Press Mag and Life Without Andy to name a few. 


“I was only a minute in and I was already in liquid form. Rancho relaxo over at my place with nectar on the stereo.” Declan Byrne, triple j

“Introduce yourself to NECTAR, they’re a band you’re going to want to be watching in the year ahead.” Pilerats 

“The group claim to be putting out a little flavour, and they’re not lying.” 

X-Press magazine

“A tasty slow jam that sees the young four-piece flexing their musical muscles and drawing from the chilled vibes of Dope Lemon and Tame Impala, the new single is a gorgeous piece featuring soaring guest vocals from Ella Pilcher”  Broken 8 Records

“Nectar deliver a haze of psychedelic sweetness on ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’, the Moroo four-piece somehow managing to top the catchiness of last year’s ‘Plateau’ by leaps and bounds”  

Life Without Andy

Love In Limbo EP is out via Ingrooves on Friday, October 21

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