Naarm/Melbourne indie/post-punk duo Skydeck share new single ‘No Change’

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Naarm/Melbourne indie/post-punk duo Skydeck share new single 'No Change'

Naarm/Melbourne-based duo Skydeck (AKA Dominic Kearton and Mitchum Clemens) return with a new single titled ‘No Change’. The track is taken from the Skydeck’s sophomore album Coupon, out Friday August 27 via Dinosaur City RecordsOsborne Again and Kingfisher Bluez digitally and on limited-edition 12” vinyl.

Listen HERE. Pre-order 12” vinyl HERE.

The follow-up to Coupon’s lead single ‘Dogshot’‘No Change’ features Clemens’ deadpan vocals backed by an upbeat bass line, snappy drums and field recordings that break through like shrapnel.

Clemens says of the track:

“[‘No Change’] is the product of a pretty constant vacillation between indifference and outrage at the state of the world, the vacillation between outrage at myself for not doing anything to change it, and indifference from the knowledge that no little post-punk ditty I write is going to change anything in the world.” 

“The bass line was knocking about in my head for a while. I recorded it on my phone with Pablo, who I was staying with in Guadalajara, and sent it to Dom. I tried to make the drums sound like Pablo who was playing them but a bit more punk, but Dom said it sounded like Crash Bandicoot. The end result is a pretty simple beat with a snare that sounds like a car trying to start. The recording I sent to Dom is kept at the end of the song, with some other phone recordings from around that time.” he continues.

Skydeck Coupon

1. Dogshot
2. No Change
3. Guilty Of
4. Salt
5. Gut Guilt
6. Original Sin
7. Uptight
8. Plastic
9. Anthony

Pre-order Coupon on 12″ vinyl

Taking inspiration from cold, post-punk sounds of the 1980s, Skydeck makes use of FM synthesis and the bright, clean and sometimes artificial sounds it provides,  contrasted with distorted guitars and upbeat bass lines.

Sophomore album Coupon is the follow-up to Skydeck’s Australian Music Prize-nominated debut Eureka Moment (2019). While Eureka Moment was pieced together bit by bit, with lyrics applied to old unfinished demos years later, Coupon sees the band writing and recording in unison.  Though writing and recording at the same time, founding members and long-time friends Mitchum Clemens and Dominic Kearton were physically separated throughout the entire process: one in Mexico and the other back home in Australia.

Coupon was as much an artistic endeavour as it was a way to stay connected with each other over long distances, with songs and ideas acting like letters back and forth. Evidence of this can be heard through field recordings and phone memos scattered throughout songs.

Eureka Moment gestured towards an anti-capitalist sentiment, while Coupon sees the band less focused on observing society’s issues from afar, rather reflecting on their involvement within them.

Coupon is set for release digitally and on limited-edition 12” vinyl on Friday August 27 via Dinosaur City Records, Osborne Again and Kingfisher Bluez.

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