MUZZ teams up with P4VAN & Miss Trouble on rowdy new single ‘The Warehouse’

by the partae
MUZZ teams up with P4VAN & Miss Trouble on rowdy new single 'The Warehouse'

MUZZ’s debut album ‘The Promised Land’ is firing up the drum & bass scene and beyond with its cutting-edge production and glittering features. The Warehouse is the latest single to be plucked from this majestic record, featuring former Foreign Beggars legend P4VAN and Miss Trouble trading blows on the mic.

The track begins with spooky plucked synth tones, setting the mood for the sinister half-sung, half-rapped vocal from Miss Trouble and swirling, classic D&B style Reese bass tones. P4VAN’s crowd-commanding delivery builds the intensity as the snare hits signaling the push towards the drop. It’s then a wild ride through bone-crushing drums, mind-bending fills, ever-evolving beats and gnarly bass tones.

The breakdown is a brooding, dark affair where thick currents of bass hover below menacing synth pulses. An intense, pitch-rising build with pounding drums leads us to the crescendo section, where the rhythm switches up to a more insistent, pounding energy, the bass hits harder and the synths growly more furiously still. The track ends just as it threatens to collapse in on itself, leaving you wanting more and heading for that replay button.

‘The Warehouse’ is for sure the darkest track on the album” says MUZZ. “It has lots of elements of mystery and cinematic influence, but in a way that makes you tread cautiously with fear. I used a lot of dissonant background guitars and shepherd tones, as well as shivering tremolo cellos to kind of signify the idea of beauty falling apart.“

About MUZZ

MUZZ is a producer and DJ renowned for the pulsating fusion of Drum & Bass and Industrial rock overlaid with orchestral arrangements and euphoric hooks. He has become one of the hottest go-to names for fierce, high octane music. He holds a unique power of bringing together both the drum & bass world and the wider electronic music into his devoted fanbase. Having released over 40 tracks and remixes and been nominated 4 years consecutively for Best DJ & Best Producer at the Drum and Bass Awards together with millions of YouTube views and millions of Spotify plays without any major playlisting, there is undoubtedly something for everyone, whether it be his energy-laced DJ sets or his stunning musical productions.


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