MOURN Share new single and video ‘Men’ Forthcoming album Self Worth out 30 October

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MOURN Share new single and video 'Men' Forthcoming album Self Worth out 30 October
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Praise for singles ‘Call You Back’ and ‘This Feeling Is Disgusting’

Mourn is taking a different approach to these times – Billboard 

Song of the Day” – KEXP 

Serrated, infectiously melodic” – Stereogum

Early-aughts alt at its finest” – Jezebel 

The track is a literal reaction to the world — as it is in this present moment and what it may have in store for us in the coming months.”  Consequence of Sound

Crackles with energy and passion as it confronts existential anxiety through joyful rocking out” – PopMatters

Today, Barcelona trio MOURN, share their third single ‘Men’ off their forthcoming album, Self Worth, out October 30 via Captured Tracks / Remote Control Records‘Men’ is lyrically patent proof of MOURN’s newfound growth and heightened consciousness. A revealing song, necessary and deliberately uncomfortable. Watch ‘Men’ video here.

This follows the release of the album’s first singles ‘Call You Back’ that Stereogum called serrated and infectiously melodic” and KEXP hailed as their “Song of the Day” and ‘This Feeling Is Disgusting’ that REMEZCLA acutely points out “we’re in dire need for music to let all our feelings out, and what better soundtrack for it than a righteous guitar rave-up like this track.”

MOURN on ‘Men’  “This song is about walking the streets and having to deal with looks, words and attitudes from different men. To enter a store and be treated differently than male clients, and the same at work. This song portrays these situations and the frustration that comes with them. I’m sure there will be a lot of people that identify with these experiences, and being questioned for their identity. At the same time, I know there will also be people that are pissed or feel uncomfortable with these lyrics. But this is how we feel and no one can take our experiences from us.

These lyrics come from a sincere and confident mindset where we want to establish our validity and identity and not let it be broken. We talk about feelings we see in men because we feel they‘re taken into account more, and are imposed onto us. I also feel like with this quote being so long, it is like I’m trying to justify why we wrote about this topic, and the thing is, this in itself is an uncomfortable situation we’re being put through by society. In the end, it’s just a personal experience…lived by millions of people everyday.”

Adversity does not incite the best feelings: frustration, anger, fear, anxiety – nothing unusual for today’s world. The members of MOURN know quite a bit about these setbacks, but a latent belief persists within: the negative will eventually become positive. It’s the belief of facing and overcoming a problem. To come out reinforced: the wonder of resilience. It’s the belief of what they are worth, whatever people say. It’s the name they chose for their new album: Self WorthMOURN is an enclave of post-teens dealing with the dilemmas of adult life. “This album gave us what we needed: self-worth, the desire to go forward, to love ourselves, with everything, with the good and bad. This album empowers us.”

A lot’s changed for the Catalan three-piece since the release of Sorpresa Familia, their boisterous 2018 record, that was praised by Pitchfork complementing their “newfound maturity of songcraft without sacrificing youthful energy” and NPR saying “equal parts joy and rage.” They’ve undergone a lineup change (drummer Antonio Postius left the band in 2019) and done a fair amount of growing up. As a result, they don’t feel as angry as they did on Sorpresa – their new music is brighter, borne of a more peaceful, collaborative creative process. The band isn’t the same as when they formed. The world isn’t either. MOURN grew up, and that’s evident in the songs that make up Self Worth. Their melodies – energetic and captivating – venture into less level grounds, and their lyrics show their newfound readiness to tackle issues of a different weight and size.

MOURN – Self Worth is out Friday 30 October via Captured Tracks / Remote Control Records
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