Mountain Bird

by the partae
Mountain Bird

Where are you currently based?

Right now in Stockholm! I’m born here so it’s a great place to write from, but perhaps looking to move after corona! I lived in Berlin for 2 years and might want to come back soon.

How did you first start playing music?

It all started with my sister. She was drumming and was really good at it. She had friends by the house who I thought were really cool at the time and I got to carry batteries for their pedals when they were playing at the house. Later on, I sneaked into her room when she was out and played on the drumset. Eventually, I got my own and she taught me how to play. Later on, I had some really heavy years mentally and struggled with depression but always had music. I sat late nights in my high school studio and learned how to produce because I didn’t want to be at home feeling down.

What’s been happening recently?

2020 LOL. But I also just released my new EP ‘Once We Were Present’ which I recorded together with Chris Zane in London in late Feb last year. I’ve also been writing a bunch of new songs that I can’t wait to drop.

Your new EP ‘Once We Were Present’ is out now, the EP is all about mankind’s (often unhealthy) relationship with technology, particularly through social media, with each track looking at a different facet of our relationship with it, please talk us through the songwriting process and influences:

I sat down and wrote everything from start to finish on a piano in Stockholm, which is the first time I’ve taken that kind of approach. Then when I had the sketches I rented a studio in Stockholm to start to work on the demo productions. 4 months later I sent it to my label and got hooked up with the lovely Chris Zane to finalize it! So I spent 2 weeks in Brixton, London and sang my heart out. I also went to the cinema by myself whilst I was there and drank some beer whilst watching the movie, which was amazing since it’s not allowed in Stockholm. Booo 🙁

What programs/equipment did you use?

Personally, I always work in Logic! Been doing so for over 10 years now. I wrote it all on piano then I used a bunch of different software and hardware synths. A lot of Chris’s Prophet is on there. Chris works in pro tools 🙂 But mostly my brain is the most important equipment lol, I’m trying hard to not be dependent on any particular gear.

You co-directed each of the EP track’s accompanying music videos which also hone in on the EP’s themes, please tell us about the music video creative process:

I write all my videos together with my splendid friend Erik Ögnelooh. We wanted to discuss social media and the internet in its entirety to tie in with the music of the EP. I’m also a huge fan of the visuals of Black Mirror so we took a lot of inspiration from that series. We often have the same crazy vision of things but he can make it a reality since he works full time with film. We traveled around to a bunch of different locations and set up lights and cameras with the team both in his own studio and outside in Stockholm. I also wanted to act more so that was a big part of the planning.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Elderbrook, Bonobo, Khushi, Jungle, Joe Goddard, and lots of podcasts.

What do you like to do away from music?

Corona made me poor since I can’t DJ or have live shows with MB so I’m working in a craft beer bar in Stockholm. Stigberget. So that’s what I do away from music! But it’s still kind of creative since I get to pick the music and the vibe for the place. Other than that I run a lot and also wood craft. I just built myself a studio table and now I want to fix up the balcony! I also like driving! I’m taking my driving test in August.

What’s planned for 2021?

We’re going to release some exciting remixes with great people! And I’m also going to work and produce the new tracks and hopefully get to release something from that!

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Stigberget, my bar, we have the best coolest beer in Stockholm with over 30 taps!


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