MOSSY Shares New Single ‘Why Can’t You See?'(Feat. Purient)’

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I OH YOU are excited to share MOSSY’s seductive new track ‘Why Can’t You See? from his forthcoming debut album N2KY, out Friday 18 March. Plus, a video featuring producer and vocalist, Purient.

Featuring electronic producer and vocalist Purient, ‘Why Can’t You See?’ is a stunning electro-ballad duet, about the limits of how well you can truly know a partner. Reflecting on the novel ‘The Doors of Perception’ by English writer Aldous Huxley, MOSSY came to the conclusion that perhaps “you can never fully know someone or occupy their universe. ‘Why Can’t You See?’ is a story about being in a relationship where there’s a constant veil, or even a secret, between you and one person is saying, ‘You don’t actually know me’.”

WATCH: MOSSY – ‘Why Can’t You See?’
‘Why Can’t You See?’ has been kicking around for about 10 years in various forms, MOSSY says. “The vocals must have changed 50 times. My friend Will Shepherd wrote the original bass line, which Dean Tuza (producer) and I later turned into a bass synth sequence for this recording. Dean also suggested that we start the song like Kokomo by The Beach Boys, which really worked. It took me a while to find a chorus that I loved. I was listening to a lot of Blood Orange at the time and remember standing out the front of the Dendy Cinemas in Newtown in a torrential thunderstorm when the idea for the backing vocals came. I knew what kind of voice I wanted to sing those parts, but I struggled to think of the right person. It was years after that that I saw Kate (Purient) perform live for the first time and knew that her voice would be absolutely perfect on the track. Kate ended up doing a lot of vocals on the album. I love her voice, it’s so smooth, crystalline and unaffected. For me, it makes the track.”

‘Why Can’t You See?’ follows recent single ‘Unfazed’, which was added to FBi and has seen adds to global hyperpop tastemaker playlists across Spotify, Apple, Amazon and SoundCloud, and came with a dazzling re-work by Melbourne artist Banoffee. N2KY’s first single ‘Shade’ was added to rotation at FBi Radio and saw adds to a plethora of global streaming playlists. This track also came with an energetic remix by 17-year-old Canadian Hyperpop artist kmoe that was added to global Spotify playlists creamy (696k followers), hyperpop, Friday Cratediggers, cellophane, and Apple Music’s Glitch, New In: Electronic, Future Sounds and Electronic Pop. Combined these tracks have seen support from the likes of Matt Wilkinson and Zane Lowe, and firmly established MOSSY in the alternative pop world.

‘Why Can’t You See’ is a stunning offering from MOSSY that shows a softer side to his forthcoming N2KY release.

For Fans Of: Yung Lean | Charli XCX | Banoffee

MOSSY – ‘Why Can’t You See?’
Out now through I OH YOU
Listen/watch here

Out Friday 18 March through I OH YOU
Pre-order here

1. Shade
2. I Will Be the One Who Says Yes
3. Broke Again
4. Dim Rays of Hope
5. Where Does the Time Go?
6. N2KY
7. Why Can’t You See?
8. A Few Minutes of Silent Staring
9. Special Attention
10. Unfazed

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