Moodygee ft. Anne Leyne

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On February 18, 2022 Moodygee and Anna Leyne release their single „Keep Me Up“ via Beat Dealer Records. With a mix of slap bounce and future rave, the track brings a power that is increased more by Anna Leyne’s outstanding voice and underlines the inner turmoil in the topline with its dark vibes. The single is the perfect banger for the upcoming festival season.

Moodygee is known as a former member of the successful DJ duo Darius & Finlay or the Nightbass Dj Team. With the projects he was awarded with the Amadeus Music Award and received several prizes at the Austrian Dance Awards. Across all platforms, the Austrian has already reached over 25 million streams and has collaborated with artists such as Klaas, Crystal Rock and Marc Korn in the past.

Singer / Songwriter Anna Leyne is a household name in Germany’s Music Scene. She already worked with artists and producers such as Mousse T. and Slackwax. With her most successful song „Close to My Fire“ Anna Leyne reaches over 4 million streams on all streaming services. In 2014, Anna Leyne co-wrote the album „To Your Bones“ for „The Voice of Germany“ winner Charley-Ann, as well as the song „Ghost“ for Jamie-Lee the following year, who won the season with „Ghost“ and competed for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.


Listen to ‘Keep me up’  here.


Mike Emilio:

Moodygee, also known as Johann Gmachl, stands for EDM Sound from Austria.

Whether with the Nightbass Dj Team or with Darius & Finlay, numerous shows across Europe were on the program until he left in 2020. With his old projects he has more than 100 million streams and has been rewarded for his work so far with the Amadeus Music Award and numerous prizes at the Austrian Dance Awards.

Since the end of 2020, Moodygee has decided to go for a solo career and also to do numerous collaborations with Klaas, Crystal Rock, Mark Korn, Rene Rodrigezz, Paenda, Adam Bü and other well known Artists.

Anna Leyne:
German based Singer/Songwriter Anna Leyne is a household name in Germany’s music scene.

She has accomplished a rising number of releases and has been noted as a songwriter and vocalist by collaborating with artists and producers like Mousse T. and Slackwax. „Close To My Fire“, co-written and sung by Anna Leyne was picked in 2013 by noted Blues artists Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart for their album of covers from various musical eras. Their interpretation was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Blues Album.

In 2014/2015 Anna Leyne collaborated with DJ Thomilla and co-wrote and contributed backup vocals for the debut album „To Your Bones“ of the 2014’s winner of „The Voice of Germany“ Charley Ann. Further on she wrote and sang a topline on the new single of Italy’s finest Deep House Producer Spada called „Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)“.

Her song „Ghost“ which she wrote in collaboration with producers DJ Thomilla and Conrad Hensel was the winning song of 2015’s winner of the TV show „The Voice Of Germany“ Jamie-Lee and was picked by the German audience as Germany’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

The Voice Of Germany 2016: Songwriting for Yasmin Sidibe’s single ‚River‘. She entered the semi finals for Team Fanta. The single was released in December 2016 on Universal Music.

In 2017 Anne Leyne teamed up with the producer Spada again. The single is called „Oxygen“ and is released by Time Records. „Oxygen“ was sung and written by Anna Leyne.


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