Montell Fish Mesmerizes Melbourne with Deep, Vulnerable Show

by the partae

Pittsburgh legend Montell Fish touched down in Melbourne on Friday for the VIC leg of his AUS/NZ Intercession Before Charlotte tour. From the get-go, Fish’s performance was dripping with raw emotion and vulnerability – the guy was bathed in moody lights and a mask, paying homage to his alter-ego DJ Gummy Bear, under which he also drops bangers. Throughout the gig, Fish’s vocals were absolutely top-notch, each song delivered with a powerful yet ethereal falsetto that left the crowd in awe.

Standout moments included “I Know I Failed You” and “Destroy Me Just for You,” which had the crowd absolutely chuffed. The energy was off the charts, with punters cheering and belting out the lyrics, clearly spellbound by Fish’s talent and stage presence. The entire night was a bloody ripper, cementing Fish as a standout artist in today’s music scene. The audience was treated to an unforgettable experience, showcasing the raw and captivating essence of Montell Fish’s artistry. His genuine connection with the crowd through his heartfelt performance made the night extra special, leaving everyone buzzing long after the last note.

Photography: Hieu Nguyen Trung

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