Million ‘bed / he looks better on me’

by the partae

million are back with a double single ‘bed / he looks better on me’ – one, a casual dating anthem about taking control and changing the narrative, and two, a confident and ‘pass-agg’ message to a partner’s former lover. 

With bass heavy verses, 808 drums, dynamic vocals and brutally honest lyrics, ‘bed’ highlights and celebrates the empowerment that comes from shifting expectations, accepting situations and letting yourself have fun. 

“We wanted to explore two realities that play out at different times when dating: the first, that sometimes it’s just about physical attraction and chemistry. The second, that if it’s more than that, you have this person’s past life to reckon with. Both songs have themes of taking back the power.” With catchy hooks, 80’s references and the classic million sass that their fans have come to expect, ‘bed / better on me’ is another ear worm from million’s 2022 repertoire. 

‘bed/he looks better on me’ will be available worldwide on the 16th of September, 2022. 

Artist Biography:
million is an emerging self-produced pop trio based in Melbourne/Naarm. Having formed between lockdowns in June 2020, the group spent the following six months working virtually on demos and discovering their sound. 

By summer 2021, the band were ready to release their shimmery pop tracks into the world, debuting with ‘problem’ and following up with ‘mess we made’, ‘200 days’ and ‘deja vu’. Each song told a story through catchy hooks and lyrics that didn’t shy away from heavier themes. 

Now, million are back with a full schedule of gigs around Melbourne and a huge double release – ‘bed/he looks better on me’. 

million tell stories inspired by both personal and universal experiences, delicately interweaving lyrical melodies and narrative with their love of synthy, beat-driven electronica. 

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