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Today, Sydney-based rising dream-pop duo Micra – Ivana Kafedjiyska and Robbie Cain – share their dynamic two-tracker ‘Undercover Lover’ and ‘I Shouldn’t Have Listened’.

A cathartic track with swelling synths, engrossing bass and compelling production, ‘Undercover Lover’ explores the process of surrendering:

“There are some people in your life that go under the radar or your circumstances don’t allow you to fully connect. This song is about when all the bullshit is done and you can just let your guard down to be with someone who’s been under your nose the whole time.” 
‘Undercover Lover’s’ intoxicating slow-burn is boldly juxtaposed against the rockier ‘I Shouldn’t Have Listened’. With an energetic beat and memorable hooks, the synergy between the duo’s intuitive production and complex songwriting makes room for the track’s unexpected twists and turns. As Micra explain, the song’s intensity comes from emotional pain:
“Letting other people’s thoughts dictate your actions never ends in satisfaction, yet we still do it all the time. Sometimes this can be a little different in the case of chasing after someone. Other people can see the situation clearly when you are not able to. This song is about a time when indecision and external influences led to a whole lot of hurt.” 
The two-tracker is a neat follow-up to Micra’s previous single ‘Sonata’, a hypnotic track which strengthened their position in the dream-pop landscape and saw extensive support from indie-tastemakers globally including David Dean Burkhart, as well as major playlisting across DSPs. ‘Sonata’ was also playlisted by TikTok on release.

During a tumultuous 2020, Micra kept busy by releasing a steady flow of singles with accompanying DIY live videos, finishing the year off with a breezy, hypnotic cover of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s hit ‘Dance The Way I Feel’. Previous single ‘Coral Crush’ explored a more pop-centric side to the duo and was coined by Pilerats as “a masterclass in the excellence Micra has consistently shown us over the last few years”. Whilst earlier release ‘Under My Skin’ was named Clash Music’s ‘Track of the Day’ and was added to RUFUS DU SOL’s ‘Headphone Selections’ playlist.

A sonic experiment from Bulgarian born and raised singer/ guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist/producer Robbie Cain, the duo performed a flurry of impressive, sold-out shows at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and La La La’s in Wollongong in November last year. Micra will perform at Pressure Fest in Sydney on April 24.

Micra – ‘Undercover Lover’ /
‘I Shouldn’t Have Listened’

Two-tracker out now through Liberation Records

Available to buy/stream here



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