Mia Lovelock ‘Winter Comes’ Review

by the partae

Mia Lovelock, an Australian musician, captures our attention with a lovely new single titled ‘Winter Comes,’ which features her soulfully golden vocals, powerful melody, and a deep sounding instrumental, resulting in a genuinely refreshing dose of atmospheric trip-hop. As Mia reveals below, the song is about being content and focusing on the silver lining of life, and with the song’s euphoric instrumentation and meaningful lyrics, she has nailed the delivery of that message.

‘Winter Comes’ encourages us to remember the past, be strong in the present, and work together for a better future.” – Mia Lovelock We’ve been admirers of her previous work, including Last Night, which was added to Spotify’s Deadly Beats playlist and Apple Music’s FIRST playlist, and we encourage you to hit the play button on ‘Winter Comes’.





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