merci, mercy Roblox Music Game Splash Launching merci, mercy World This Friday + ‘Fall Apart’ Mahogany Session Released + Remix EP Coming In 2021 – Latest Remixes From Basenji and MELVV Out Now

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merci, mercy Roblox Music Game Splash Launching merci, mercy World This Friday + 'Fall Apart' Mahogany Session Released + Remix EP Coming In 2021 - Latest Remixes From Basenji and MELVV Out Now
merci, mercy to make virtual appearances
within Splash this weekend

Saturday 19 December at 3pm AEDT
+ Sunday 20 December at 1pm AEDT

Sydney based singer-songwriter merci, mercy caps off a dream year, with the launch of her very own merci, mercy world within the popular Splash game on Roblox this Friday. The collaboration follows the November launch of a Tones & I world within the game.

Boasting more than 36 million players globally, Splash allows users to compete with one another to live out their music-making dreams and become a famous DJ. A central theme of the merci, mercy experience is leaving behind reality to escape to a fantasy netherworld. The activation will see merci, mercy interacting with Splash players in real-time, with users able to meet and greet merci, mercy, explore her unique world and collect special merchandise including her trademark hypercolour jacket as featured on her debut EP cover. Players will also be able to access a merci, mercy pack to use in their DJ sets, featuring sections of songs from her debut EP no thank you, no thanks.

The launch of the merci, mercy world within Splash is a fitting end to a wonderful, break-out year for the young artist, who released the aforementioned EP in October. Selected as Spotify’s Australian RADAR artist for 2020, merci, mercy’s music has woven its way into the hearts and minds of fans across the globe. Many of the songs on the EP, including the key singles ‘Fucked Myself Up’ and ‘Fall Apart’, along with fan favourites ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ and ‘Something You Like’ have been added to a myriad of playlists across Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon, and have found a home not just on local radio, but also on stations throughout the UK and Europe.

Earlier this month, the iconic UK based Mahogany Sessions released a recording of ‘Fall Apart’ on their popular YouTube channel. The video sees merci, mercy performing a beautiful, stripped back rendition of the song in a blue wonderland.

Last week, merci, mercy also unveiled a remix of ‘Fall Apart’ from US DJ/ producer MELVV. The remix offers a bouyant, colourful take on the original and is accompanied by a quirky visualiser that sees our favourite animated merci, mercy bobbing around in space.

“It’s really cool to see how MELVV perceived the song! When I wrote it, I was trying to justify to myself why I wasn’t allowing myself to fall in love and find someone special. It’s a simple thing of not feeling worthy enough to ever be loved by someone. This song made me feel a lot better about the whole silly situation. And now you can see me being silly floating around in my room in space.”

This recent remix follows one last month from local artist Basenji for ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ and another earlier in the year from imagiro for ‘Fucked Myself Up’. The remixes will all be brought together on a remix EP dropping in the New Year, along with additional mixes for the remainder of the EP tracks.

Following the launch of the merci, mercy world within Splash, merci, mercy will enjoy a brief break in Sydney over Christmas with her family, before heading to South Australia to kick off 2021 with a performance at Summer Sounds Festival on January 3.

no thank you, no thanks EP
merci, mercy

EP out now through Liberation Records
Available to buy/stream here

no thank you, no thanks EP tracklisting:
1. Tequila & Lemonade
2. Fucked Myself Up
3. Fall Apart
4. Something You Like
5. Wonder What It Feels Like
6. The Very Very End



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