MECHA MECHA Release The Volatile Single ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’

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“The way you shred those guitars!!! Super fan of this. Reminds me of a number of bands smashed together. Digging those influences, the hooks and the drive in this. Can’t wait to hear more.” (Claire Mooney on Greedy Boys – Triple J)

“Big credit to you for your songwriting and arrangement, the way you tie a bow around everything at the end of the song is clever and original.” 

(Max Quinn on Greedy Boys – Triple J)

“They show they are a versatile band, delivering a heavy song such as Your Choice and a soft but powerful piece such as Food Sex Shelter on the same six-track EP.” 

(Blink & You’ll Miss It EP – Beat Magazine)
“It’s like a fusion of Queen and Muse with a side dish of Royal Blood. Yet it still sounds uniquely Mecha Mecha, a guide to where the band is headed with their own artistic output.” 
(Grease The Hinges Pt 1. – Scenestr)

“Your Choice is a raw ear-blessing and a musical ride. I love the uniqueness that Mecha Mecha bring to their music and am thrilled to hear that Dealbreaker was no musical fluke of brilliance.” (Depth Mag)


Not a new face to the Australian music industry, Meanjin/Brisbane-based rockers Mecha Mecha have a new single ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ to add to their already extensive catalogue. A melting pot of influence, the “dark-indie” three-piece lean into their experimental sound. The explosive and very personal track, ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ is out Friday, 5 May.

Capturing the perfected essence of Mecha Mecha, ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ is an aggressively passionate concoction of instrumentation. Opening sweetly with violin before meaty bass lines and thrashing drums draw the heavy rock and metal tones through the track. Adopting Royal Blood’s famous technique of using the bass guitar as a lead instrument, the texture matches perfectly with the violin creating the unique sound which is Mecha Mecha.

Written about reflecting on a relationship that broke down and flourished into friendship, the vocals of Walter Webb hold the weight of the lyrics akin to Radiohead. Flouncing throughout the track, his vocals sit as the sweetness within the raw grit of the instrumental.

Influenced by the greats of the 90s and early 2000s, Mecha Mecha has an unusual line-up that works in their favour. Consisting of electric violin (Isaac Vincent), bass (Walter Webb) and drums (Angelo Webb), their music blurs the lines of dark indie rock and neo-classical metal, with tinges of psytrance and EDM.

Headlining Nimbin Mardigrass 2023 on May 6 and securing a spot on the Moondoll Festival bill at the Mansfield Tavern on June 3Mecha Mecha has an ever-growing list of achievements. Multiple music videos from the outfit have taken to the small screen having both Rage and MTV features. On the international big screen, their single ‘Dealbreaker’ was featured and nominated at the Waterford Film Festival (Ireland), Queen Palm International Film Festival (Palm Springs, California), and Serbian FEST (Belgrade). Back home, the track also saw the Brisbane Backyard Film Festival and the West End Film Festival.

Performing at Airlie Beach Festival of MusicMecha Mecha shared the bill with a rockstar line-up featuring Smash MouthMarsha Hines, Killing HeidiDiana Anaid and The Church. The band has also hosted a fundraiser gig for cyclone victims which was sponsored by Mama Kin and the John Butler Trio.

Mecha Mecha is one to watch with their eclectic, electric and boisterous sound. Let ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ take over, out May 5.

Upcoming Shows

May 6 – Nimbin Mardigrass 2023, Nimbin
June 3 – Moondoll Festival, Brisbane | Tickets

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