McDermott & North Unveil ‘The Hollywood EP’ – A Melodic Celebration of Love and Connection Out June 30 via Weirder Together Records

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Previous Support for McDermott & North

“this is such feel good 60s tinged pop that backs up the positive spin on bad stuff happening message with a sunny sounding song.”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘All Things Come And Go’]

“After jamming out to ‘All Things Come and Go’ for months, I thought I’d better explore the McD & N back catalogue, and I’m not disappointed! This is gorgeous, and just affirms my love for McDermott & North! These guys are all class.”
(Lachie Pringle, Triple J) [About ‘All Things Come And Go’]

“Definitely hearing the Kinks influence here. I can’t give higher praise than that. Really lovely classic songwriting: a little bit sunny, a little bit wistful, a joy to have in the ears.”
(Dan Condon, Triple J) [About ‘All Things Come And Go’]

“Patrick McDermott and Rhys North, have spent the past number of years carving out a sound that feels both grounded and explorative; it’s rooted in an earnest kind of folky warmth, but stretches into spaces of pure melodic ecstasy. Seriously, these guys really know how to write a chorus.”
(Happy Magazine)

“Clearly dedicated to the preservation of the song…”
(Gary Crowley, BBC Radio)

“A slice of gorgeous, blissful pop”
(Mark Rogers, RNZ)

McDermott & North, the captivating indie folk duo known for their heartfelt sounds and irresistible melodies, are set to release their EP, ‘The Hollywood EP’. Slated for release on June 30 via Weirder Together Records, the EP promises to be a beautiful celebration of love, connection, and the beauty of everyday moments.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, McDermott & North have been winning hearts with their busking performances and beautiful songs. The duo already have a stack of singles and an EP, countless tours and hundreds of hours of performing under their belts, including having played at Bluesfest, BIGSOUND and Ted X Brisbane.

The unknown slow boil of ‘The Hollywood EP’ began in 2021 when the duo caught the attention of acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter and producer Ben Lee, who stumbled upon the two stylish troubadours singing in perfect 60s folk harmony. Little did they anticipate that this serendipitous encounter would pave the way for a remarkable collaboration resulting in the creation of this EP and one of the first releases for the new label Weirder Together Records run by Lee and his partner, Ione Skye.

After supporting Ben Lee at a show in Brisbane, he invited them to record with him in LA. Though recording in Los Angeles wasn’t feasible, McDermott & North entrusted Ben Lee with their guitar and vocal stems to complete the EP. Ben Lee rallied an exceptional team to contribute their expertise, including Joey Waronker on drums (Beck, Roger Waters, REM), Roger Manning Jr on keys (Jellyfish, Glen Campbell, U2, Broken Social Scene), and Mike Viola on bass (Panic at the Disco, Dawes, Ryan Adams). It is a credit to McDermott & North that their songs were enough to draw a team like this together.

Reflecting on their collaboration with Ben LeeRhys North shared, “Working with Ben was an exhilarating experience filled with excitement and anticipation. From our Melbourne studio, we sent him the stems of our guitar and vocal tracks, which he transformed into fully produced songs from his Hollywood studio. When we received the final tracks, I was instantly captivated by the remarkable production. Each song possesses its own unique personality, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.”

Paddy McDermott added, Collaborating with Ben Lee was an absolute joy. Despite the distance between us, our musical connection was seamless. We recorded the guitar and vocals in Melbourne and entrusted Ben to add the other instrumental layers with his expertise and musical brilliance. Working with someone I’ve admired for years was a dream come true, and his creative input elevated the project to new heights.”

The outcome beautifully showcases McDermott & North’s remarkable talent for weaving enchanting melodies and poetic lyrics that effortlessly transport listeners to bygone eras and evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions, with each track unfolding a captivating story that intricately weaves together a tapestry of sound and sentiment.

‘The Hollywood EP’ 
opens with the upbeat swooning energy ‘Pearly Whites’ that finds the duo transported to the glamorous ballrooms of the 1930s. McDermott & North’s pin-point harmonies and merry lyrics paint a vivid picture of a remarkable woman who reigns as the queen of the ballroom. The nostalgic charm and timeless allure of ‘Pearly Whites’ is an endearing throwback to an era of elegance.

Following is ‘Just Let Your Love Shine Down’, an optimistic and vibrant track that serves as an analogy of embracing one’s inner light and sharing it with the world. McDermott & North’s guiding force encourages listeners to let their love radiate outward, symbolized by holding hands, embracing opportunities, and celebrating their love. Bursting with feel-good energy in the chorus, they convey a powerful message of embracing love, facing life’s challenges with positivity, and living life with passion and purpose.

Lowering the energy and dynamics on EP is the solemn and passionate ‘Mary St’. Amidst the bustling city life, McDermott & North tell a tale of fascination and longing for someone who stands out amidst the urban chaos. The city lights and sirens keep the North awake, finding solace in moments shared and multiple cigarettes. The chorus beautifully expresses the unique qualities of this special person, while the desire to hold, kiss, and cherish them echoes from the 28th floor. ‘Mary St’ becomes a symbol of hope and anticipation for a future encounter, weaving a heartfelt narrative.

Closing the EP is ‘I Love Your Way’, a heartfelt and tender song that beautifully captures deep affection and longing. The slow strolling track opens with just acoustic guitar and McDermott’s vocals backed by North’s falsetto harmonies before the outpouring of love in the chorus that shares the desire to be close to someone, to hold their hand and be their devoted partner. The energy of the band and repeated line of “I love your way” emphasizes the intensity of these feelings and the yearning for a deep connection with someone special.

At its core, ‘The Hollywood EP’ is a celebration of love’s extraordinary ability to elevate the human spirit and ignite the fires of inspiration. McDermott & North have poured their hearts and souls into crafting these songs, infusing them with a profound sense of sincerity and a genuine desire to connect with their audience. The two earnestly hope these songs become cherished companions, offering solace, joy, and a reminder of the limitless power that love holds to transform our lives.

Grab a partner and plunge into a shared journey of love, music, and the unbreakable bond that connects us as human beings. Heartstrings will be strummed and spirits lifted as McDermott & North’s ‘The Hollywood EP’ is released on June 30 via Weirder Together Records.

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