Maybe You Missed It – Playlist

by the partae
Maybe You Missed It -Playlist

Ruben Dawnson – Hold Your Head

This gem is the latest offering from the scandi-pop sensation Ruben Dawnson, and is jam packed full of grooving bass licks, warm keys and driving rhythms that leave you smiling from ear-to-ear. Loaded with summer cheer, this one will be sure to keep you moving.

Olive Featherstone – I’ll Be Sweet

Moody and all encompassing is the best way to describe Olive’s signature alternative-indie sound, with her newest work being tinged with a country and western feel whilst harking back to the likes of Jefferson Airplane. Following her glittering debut, ‘Opium Requiem’, Olive is certainly destined for great things.

PerfectParachutePicture – White Walls EP

This EP is a gluttony of gut-wrenching riffage that renders difficult to put down. The 4-track body of work is the band’s most triumphant release yet. Give it a spin, for goodness sake.

Katie Kittermaster – Out Of Love

Sifa – Angel Energy

Alex Stanilla – Crab

Hazel Mei – Fool

Alto Key – Things Will Change

Boy Untitled – Losing Time

Ines Rae – New Girl

Adoni – The Storm

Di Ivories – Offer My Spine



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