Mark Roma

by the partae

Hey Mark Roma, welcome to the Partae! Your debut on DOORN has just dropped,  ‘The Realm’, massive congrats! How did the release come about?  

Hey, thanks for having me! It’s quite cool how the release happened, I started sending  tracks to Morten at the start of the year and he loved them. He supported The Realm in a  Spinnin Records X 1001 tracklist ID livestream and when I asked would he think spinnin  would like The Realm, he personally introduced me to the A&R team via email and it  stemmed from there! So really all I can say is networking is SUPER important! 

How long had you been working on the track, did it work quite naturally or did it take  quite a bit of tweaking?  

Most of the track happened to just fall into place in about a day (maybe I was having a  good because this is rare haha!) I started searching really strange cinematic sounds on  splice and I used lots of dark sounding stabs and pads and the drop sounded cool. The  acid took a bit of tweaking to make it fit in with all these pads but not too much. I even  sampled a racoon and a dinosaur sound but it works! 

Where does the name for the track come from? 

The name came from the feeling that the breakdown gives me, like a feeling of flying over a  mountain range or over an ocean through a feeling of elation. I’m a huge lover of trance and  love to incorporate some in most tracks I create so that was the aim to give a huge  euphoric flying feeling. 

What sort of music did you grow up listening to yourself? What actually influenced  you to go into production and a career in music?  

I grew up listening to a lot of trance, mainly Tiesto, Armin and Ferry Corsten, which  eventually branched out into more electro and now I’m a fan of pretty much all dance music  genres. When I was younger I used to down synthesiser apps onto my phone and would  play about making trance melodies, then a friend of a friend I met mentioned he was doing  a music technology degree and I immediately signed up. I almost was not allowed to do the  degree as I had no previous music qualifications but I was determined and it showed so  here I am 5 years later getting signed to my dream labels. Determination and hard work  pays off! 

What advice would you give to others who were hoping to follow in your footsteps  and release on the labels of their heroes?!  

The best thing I can advise is to network. Go to ADE, go to local networking events, like  Liverpool Audio Network Sound Summit which is local to me. Make sure you setup  meetings beforehand and talk to the right people who are relevant to you, face to face  interactions are SO IMPORTANT! 

On another note for productions, finish tracks faster, don’t spend too long forcing a track to  work. I used to spend upwards of 3 months on a track and it would be trash. First time I  finished a track in 4 days, Blasterjaxx supported it! 

Also, do not give up. I get knocked back weekly by labels but I learn from it, maybe the  track did not suit, maybe the quality was not great, maybe the A&R had a bad day, do not  give up! Work hard and consistently and I promise it will happen. 

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