Madi Diaz Releases New Single/Video ‘Nervous’

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Madi Diaz Releases New Single/Video 'Nervous'

‘Nervous’ video still by Jordan Bellamy

“An artist new to me that I hope you love.” – Bob Boilen, NPR Music

“[‘New Person, Old Place’ is] genuinely profound.” – The Guardian

“[‘New Person, Old Place’ is] half kiss-off, half facing-the-future resolution – and all uplifting inspiration.” – The Sunday Times

“[‘New Person, Old Place’ is] gorgeously folksy.” – Brooklyn Vegan

Today, Nashville-based songwriter Madi Diaz releases “Nervous,” a new single about recognising unhealthy coping mechanisms. “Nervous,” her third single for ANTI-, follows the evocative “New Person, Old Place” and “Man In Me,” and further presents Diaz’s ability to write direct and introspective music, a craft she’s spent years refining. The song’s frank lyrics are bellied by infectious guitar and Diaz’s buoyant voice: “I know why I lie to myself // I’m not really looking to get healthy // I have so many perspectives I’m losing perspective I make me nervous.” The accompanying video was shot in Nashville and directed by Jordan Bellamy. It was inspired by and includes an homage to the final scene of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film The Stalker, a film that has always resonated with Diaz through its otherworldly nature, as well as its thoughtful and often anxiety inducing pace.

You know when you hold a mirror up to a mirror and you get an infinite amount of reflections from every angle? That’s what ‘Nervous’ is about,” says Diaz. “It’s when you’re in a loop of looking at yourself from every vantage point until you’re caught up in your own tangled web of bullshit. It’s about catching yourself acting out your crazy and you’re finally self aware enough to see it, but you’re still out of your body enough and curious enough to watch yourself do it.

Watch Madi Diaz’s “Nervous” Video

Watch the “Man In Me” Video

Listen to “New Person, Old Place”


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