Lucky Polo’s Fresh Perspective: ‘Minimum Wage Dreamer’

by the partae

Lucky Polo launches into new sonic and lyrical territory with debut single ‘Minimum Wage Dreamer’. The young and eccentric Sydney native, now based in Irvine, CA seeks to find a new angle within RnB music and create music authentic to himself. 

This single aims to question the late stage capitalist society we currently live in, constantly being pacified by social media and hypebeast culture. The single probes the validity and legitimacy of this in such a way it almost criticises it. It forces the listener to consider their own consuming habits and how living a life reflective of what is seen on social media can lead to a careless and depressing lifestyle. 

Lucky Polo is currently preparing to release his debut single on the 9th of December. Though based currently in Irvine CA, the Australian artist harbours a deep connection to the local music scene in Sydney. 

Lucky Polo’s experience in a variety of bands spanning multiple genres has deeply influenced the unique sound achieved in ‘Minimum Wage Dreamer’. Specifically, his involvement in jazz ensembles and punk rock outfits are evident in the sonic foundations of the piece. 

Lucky Polo’s main focus is to create something fresh and authentic to himself. “I mean it’s definitely easier said than done, especially with so many inspiring artists out there you just want to copy them all. My personal perspective is realising that everybody is going to have a different take on something, so it’s all about embracing these defining features. For me it’s about trying to get as much of my personality in there as possible and hopefully people can relate to that.” 

This release is incredibly exciting for Lucky Polo, as not only is it the first time he has released music as a solo artist, but also the first time he has sung and rapped on a song. “It took a minute for me to feel comfortable

with my own voice, but that’s the thing, I’m the only one with my voice in the world so if I don’t just do it no one’s ever going to hear it – as narcissistic as that sounds.” Having always had the role of supporting someone else vocally, this was a big shift for him. 

On this release, he worked with Marrickville Golden Retriever Studio’s own Antonia Gauci on engineering and mixing, Chloe Dadd as assistant engineer and Simon Berckelman as masterer. These are important names in the Australian music industry who have worked on some of the greatest artists to come out of Australia such as Jessica Mauboy, Lime Cordiale and Boy and Bear. 

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