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Lucifour M is a band whose multifaceted and multidimensional music features many references to cinematic works.  The two musicians Michele Ducci and Marco Frattini have already been playing together as “M+A” for a while when they had the chance to perform as opening act for Bryan Ferry at Glastonbury Festival. It was there in the backstage that the idea of founding Lucifour M as a full band came into being when Ducci played new sketches of songs to Frattini. In the further course Michele Manzo (bass, guitar and keys) and Mattia Dallara  (samplers and keys) already part of better known Amycanbe, should come to the project and complete the band as a quartet. The main recordings of Lucifour M’s debut EP “UNO”, which has been released on Sonar Kollektiv Berlin in September 2019, have been produced within the scope of three extensive studio sessions where the four have recorded live versions of their jamming and playing. Dog is first groovy brand new single out for you to enjoy together with amazing animation video by Emanuele Kabu. “Valentine” has been alse released as a single, here you can find a live version. And recently also “Hell0” which will be included in next EP out 28 Feb 2020.

What is your name and role within Lucifour M?

My name is Michele Ducci, I am the main singer in the group….

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?


We work between London and Berlin: We have our stduio in Italy, London and Berlim are our labels’: Sonar Kollektiv e !K7 records.

Music scene in Berlin or London is very good…In Italy…well there are a lot of great bands honestly….but not a real music scene, just TRAP 🙂 except few venues or exceptions.

Your new single FOX is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting for this single?


The process, starting from jam session, is unconscious. We begin to play and slowly themes, melodies start popping up, which we resonate until they become clear. This is the freest part, sometimes we find ourselves playing metal or classic jazz. After a bit of labor limae, we record. The studio part, from sound design to the mix, is instead super surgical and manic.

How did you go about writing FOX?


We wanted to write a song containing other songs…like in a movie.

That’s one of our fevorite songs.

FOX is off your next EP ‘DUE’  being released via Sonar Kollektiv Berlin / K7 Records London, where and when did you record/produce?


Here n our own studio, in Italy, in the end of 2019.

How did you approach the recording/production process?


We play live, to mantain that enegery that just live music can give. This as the first part of the process, the second one is a long work of sound design and mix. For mastering we trust the great Dave Cooley (L.A.)

Who did you work with during the recording and production?


All the songs are written, mixed and prodouced by us except for the master, done by Sir Dave Cooley.

What programs/instruments did you use?


Logic Pro Tools & Ableton… we use a lot of  instruments, from Juno to Cp70 and iPhone 🙂

What do you have planned for ‘Due’?

There are a lot of things this year. We were born between the end of 2019 and this 2020: we started with the participation in Worldwide fm, single releases going on radio and newspapers. There is a lot of interest around Lucifour M at the moment. .. we are currently defining some releases: a video-étude made together with the collective of directors called Zapruder, currently nominated for the Golden Bear at the international film festival in Berlin. A New York director, Robert Daniel Martin, has inserted some of our songs for his next film “State Of The Game”; we are setting up and defining the live and the tour. There are many things: we will be at the Great Escape Festival!! This coming May in Brighton and – this is our personal thing – we can’t wait to release the remix of Dog, our first single, made by the legendary Daniele Baldelli !! There are many other things we can’t say, but this 2020 has a nice wind.

You’ll be playing The Great Escape TOur in Brighton UK and will be touring Europe, the UK and Italy, how do prepare for live shows?


Excercising a lot!,  for my breath and taking care of the whole show, We are setting up a real show. Just these days we are taking care of the visual part, the ascenography, it will be real fun.
When on tour, what do you find most rewarding and challenging?

Well…we just had few gigs from Berlin to Italy, never really tour yet..but playing live is a sort of nirvana we really enjoy…then the touch with audience….always different and rewarding in itself….basically is the best of dreaming and the best of living stuck in a moment…

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

Puma Blue and Dualipa.

What do you like to do away from music?

There’s nothing away from music.

What’s planned for 2020?

Conquer the world?! 🙂

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Fish and cheeps?!?!…Unsual for 3 italians, isn’it… 😉 …not a paricular place maybe…uhmmm….hanging aroung in different places, enviroments, people…that is the best…problably, even though in our studio we really feel like home.

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