Listen To Kyle Lionhart’s New Single ‘Beautiful Life’

by the partae
Listen To Kyle Lionhart's New Single 'Beautiful Life'
“I wrote & produced this song with two of my closest friends (Billy Otto & Paul Ruske) whilst the world shut down around us. I’d just got news from my agent that all my shows nationally and internationally were either going to be cancelled or postponed as the world braced itself for this pandemic. When I got into the studio I was pretty rattled, so I confided in the boys. Like good friends do, they let me lean on them with all my anxieties but gave me insightful and beautiful perspectives, that’s where the song concept was born .  We wanted to capture that feeling, the elation of friends, community & strangers lifting each other up when times get tough, looking out for one another and no matter what our screens tell us, it’s actually all around us. Sometimes  we just need a little a reminder that this is a ‘Beautiful Life'”. – Kyle Lionhart

‘Beautiful Life’
Kyle LionhartSingle out now through Ivy League Records

Available to buy/stream here

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