LION To Release Fierce Debut Single ‘Not Your Fetish’ And Accompanying Music Video

by the partae

LION is set to send shockwaves worldwide with his powerful debut single ‘Not Your Fetish’ (Out May 12). Making a statement with his unapologetic lyrics, hard-hitting beats and dynamic rap, the track has the impact of a lion’s roar. The electric hooks and sassy delivery will ensure you keep hitting repeat.

Accompanying the track is a fierce music video that showcases LION’s artistic world. With commanding choreography and fiery shots, the jaw-dropping video is as bold as LION himself. LION’s creative prowess creates a platform for the voiceless and underrepresented. On the realisation of ‘Not Your Fetish’LION says:

“As minorities and marginalized people, so many of us have narratives written for us by people who see us as two-dimensional. This song is a condemnation of those toxic narratives. We have the power to write our own stories, and we don’t need to censor or simplify them for anyone. Our stories are messy, complex, nuanced, and we refuse to be reduced to a fetish.”

LION’s mission is to subvert the norm and create a revolution. Music and dance are two sources of potent catharsis for LION, as he combines his passions to express his multifaceted identity. He brings together all the unique elements of his identity and his talents, creating theatrical, rhythmic, and prolific material.

UK-born and steeped in Ethiopian heritagequeer electropop artist LION now hails from Melbourne, Australia. Performing multiple shows and festivals already, including BIGSOUND 2022 and most recently the main stage at World PrideLION has firmly established his showstopping live presence. Signing to Tomboi Records (representing LGBTQIA+, women and POC) in 2021, LION has developed a signature sound that will be unleashed globally on the 12th of May.

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