Lemon Bucket Orkestra ‘Shchedryj Vechor’ Premiere

by the partae

Lemon Bucket Orkestra returns with their latest single, “Shchedryj Vechor,” heralding the arrival of their upcoming album, “Cuckoo,” set to drop digitally on May 17th. Known as Toronto’s trailblazing Slavic-Balkan-Klezmer-Party-Punks, their music is a fusion of vibrant energy and cultural influences.

Having garnered numerous awards and acclaim, Lemon Bucket Orkestra has graced stages worldwide, from WOMAD in England to Pohoda in Slovakia, leaving audiences spellbound with their genre-defying performances. Praised by The Guardian for their “gorgeously sung and passionately played” shows and hailed by The New York Times as “charismatic…handsome and ambitious,” the ensemble promises an electrifying experience.

Their live performances are a rollercoaster of emotions, seamlessly blending precision and abandon, taking listeners on an immersive journey from euphoria to catharsis. Now, they channel that same energy into “Cuckoo,” infusing Ukrainian polyphony, Balkan rhythms, and Western musical elements. Adding to the allure is the collaboration with Macedonian master trumpeter Nizo Alimov, formerly of Kocani Orkestar, promising an experience described by the Winnipeg Free Press as “Amazing, frenetic, gloriously anarchic and ultimately joyous.”


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