Lachie Gill

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Im currently based on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria.

How did you first start singing?

I was always singing from a young age as my grandpa was a great musician and he was a big influence on me musically, buying me my first musical instrument the ukulele. However, I didn’t start talking it seriously until I was around 17 when I joined the music class at school and realised how much I loved performing. When I turned 18 I had my first paid gig at a pub in Mornington and from then on I took every gig that came my way.

You’ve just won Australia’s ‘The Voice’, how does it feel to win after such a journey?

Its a very surreal feeling that I honestly don’t think will properly sit in for a while to come.

Ive put in a lot of hard work to get to this position and obviously the show only showed part of what my journey has been. I’ve wanted this for a while now and to have an opportunity to work with Universal Music Australia and forge my own music career is super special.

Congratulations on your Complete Collection album debuting at number 3 on iTunes on Monday the 30th of May, what do you have planned for the promotion of this amazing debut?

Yeah its been crazy to see the album do so well. It hit number 1 along side my winners single ‘Wasted Time’ which hit number 1 also. I plan to get out and play my music as much as possible and continue to find new ears to listen to my music and follow my journey.

How do you approach songwriting and what or who influences your writing?

My songwriting process starts with my guitar. I play and play and play until I find something I like. I then get my voice memo app and start recording me singing random words and melodies until something sticks. Some songs are super quick and easy for me to write and others are a nightmare but I absolutely love that creative process and can’t wait to continue to build my songwriting ability and work with new writers and producers to make some really cool stuff. My songwriting influencers change a lot as there are so many amazing writers but people like Dermot Kennedy, Dean Lewis, Finneas, Julia Michael, Lewis Capaldi, Clinton Kane & Blake Rose are just some of my favourite and inspiring writers.

Please tell us about how your original single ‘Wasted Time’ came about and what this track means to you?

Wasted Time was written by Ned Houston & Robby DeSa two talented Sydney musicians. This song was a perfect fit for me. It had the acoustic emotive elements I love while also lending itself to that pop feel. This song while taking me to a super romantic place now holds a special place in my heart representing this whole voice journey and the experiences I had and people I met. I may be biased but this song is a special one and deserves to be heard.

How was your experience on The Voice working with Rita Ora?

Working with Rita Ora was an amazing experience. She is a star but so quickly made me feel comfortable and as if we were just friends working on music together. She was down to earth, fun and super talented. Can’t thank Rita enough for the belief she instilled in me and all that I learn along the journey.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Along with the writers I mentioned above I listen to the likes of Kid Laroi, Holly Humberstone, Ruel, Tate McRae, Sam Thompkins & other more local artists like Raria, San Joseph & Cotta.

What do you like to do away from music?

Away from music I love the beach! Playing sport and keeping fit & maybe the occasional drink at a local bar/pub down on the Mornington peninsula.

What’s planned for the future?

There is still lots of discussions to be had about my future and the plan of what my next 1-2 years looks like but it will be filled with lots of writing recording and releasing as well as plenty of live shows. I can’t wait to get to work!

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I will eat anything!!

In saying this I do have my favourites… Parcha, my partners mums Turkish restaurant is unbelievable (no bias) & take me to any Japanese restaurant and I’m in heaven.

Places to hangout… hmmm I love St Kilda area in Melbourne which has so many nice places to go to to eat and drink. In the opposite direction there is not many places like the Mornington peninsula and the beach line it has, simply beautiful.


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