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Hey KRCL! How’s life in Germany?

A new life, a new culture…Exclting times i would say! Germany’s place in dance music culture is obvious. Although I wasn’t able to experience this culture much because I moved here during the pandemic period, it now feels like there’s much more to explore. I try to go different places every weekend to get inspired for myself and for my music.

Tell us about how you first got into music and how the journey has been so far?

I was working on my book (surreal fantasy blended with philosophy) which was published in Turkish later as -The Healer- in English) when i felt suddenly that it needs a soundtrack to bring the words to sound. I enrolled in an electronic music production course and there the whole journey started. Since then, Since that day, music has been a medium where I can convey the personal story of mine other than books. It is an honour for me to be appreciated by people for the pieces I have recently released. In addition, the fact that artists such as Oostil and Agents of Time include my pieces on their sets gives me confidence and hope for the future. I think I brought the continuation of the story in the new track.

Tell me about this new single on Ethereal Future, what was your approach for this track?

Tor Ether Neue means The Gate of New Etheral Air. The inspiration i had was one the scenes in my book which was continously playing in mind. That scene was about a gate which The Healer had to pass after a long journey of enlightment. Tor Ether Neue reflects this journey between past, present and future; from chaos to an euphoria.

What is your production setup like? Any favourite pieces of hardware you use at the moment?

I work with Ableton and a key controller. Overall, i can say i work alot with softwares but as well use some hardwares for some parts in some tracks. But sure, as a next step i will be shifting to live, so i am planning to get some to my studio.

How do you feel your sound has evolved since you first started releasing music?

As I mentioned, I started making music to have an another creative layer for my book. Today, I can say that i am so passionate about music production, it has become my passion for life: to express myself with music and search always for the better. If you look through my catalog of releases, you’ll see that tracks are not limited to any genre. I try to create something meaningful for myself first. Therefore, it allows me to have larger creative space to work with.

Are there any artists you admire that you’d like to collaborate with one day?

There are many which i like and would love to collaborate! It’s really hard to name all! But i should say i admire Hannes Bieger’s work and i hope one day we make the dream come true. Another was Minstrel which i sought alot after; that dream came true!

What moment of your career are you most proud of so far?

To be a part of the Future Forward Media; the team is far away one of the best. I would also say release of Boomerang, being featured at Mixmag and having been played with many top artists is something that i am proud of: learned a lot, learning a lot.

How do you spend your downtime outside of music?

Actually, i have a day job as an executive at a global company so no downtimes allowed :)))

What else can we expect from you in the near future?

Lots! Been working on many new tracks which are on their as well as European gigs; starting with Cinema Hall Budapest on May 6th, with Stephan Jolk.

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