Kraken Black Spiced Rum announces underground music event Subterranean Summer with tickets on sale now

Aussie artists SPEED and Posseshot set to headline showcase

by the partae

In celebration of the launch of Kraken Black Mojito, Kraken Black Spiced Rum is bringing the depths of the underground music scene into the light to present Subterranean Summer, a live music showcase on Thursday 1st December, with tickets on sale now. The event will showcase emerging and ground-breaking Aussie artists whose music is challenging stigmas and cultural norms.  


Sydney’s hardcore band SPEED are one of the headline acts along with Melbourne’s hip hop duo Posseshot, with support acts including DJ F*KH*D, Mulalo, Histamine and Ptwiggs. The line-up features Australia’s rising countercultural talent and will be the first time the artists will perform on the same stage. 


Hayley Dixon, Proximo Spirits Specialist, notes: “Australia has an incredibly talented and diverse music scene, from the underground hardcore growing its fanbase over the past few years to the hip-hop space that continues to evolve across the nation. We’re thrilled to create an event that celebrates such a diverse mix of talent and supports Aussie’s rising countercultural artists.” 


Subterranean Summer is being held at the Inner-West institution, The Great Club in Marrickville, with tickets including free trial of the new Kraken premix Black Mojito throughout the evening. Recently launched in the Australian market, Kraken Black Mojito is a dark and fiercely refreshing twist on the classic mojito, boasting the taste of Kraken Black Spiced Rum mixed with natural flavours of mint and lime, topped with soda.  


Jem Siow, SPEED frontman, says they can’t wait to hit the stage and share their hardcore music with a wider audience. “Subterranean Summer is gonna be a hectic show. Stoked to play with Posseshot for the first time in Sydney with a mad mixed bill.” 


Dixon encourages all music lovers to “grab your mates, book your tickets and kick off summer with an epic alt-summer music showcase like no other.” 


Event details 

·         Location: The Great Club, Marrickville 

·         Date: Thursday, 1st December (first day of summer)  

·         Time: Doors open at 6pm, through to 12am 

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