Korean darlings of indietronica, Wedance (위댄스) reveal joyous new video for their Dance Pop featured single ‘Ironism’ ahead of ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ Digital Aus Tour

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Korean darlings of indietronica, Wedance (위댄스) reveal joyous new video for their Dance Pop featured single ‘Ironism’ ahead of ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ Digital Aus Tour

“Oh my, my… I’ve fallen in love with this band. Dance Pop is one of the best albums of 2020!” – Scenestr

“Ironism is a song that encapsulates the album at its best, descending into the madness of Wedance as they merge together distorted electric guitar with foundations that move between pop, indie and electronica; the song very much being a stand-out from the record’s more slick, electronic focus with its roughness and energy, largely brought by that emphasised rock grit.” – Hayden Davies, Pilerats

Earlier this year, Korea’s masters of moving and shaking, Wedance (위댄스) shared their latest LP Dance Pop with the world. Unlike any other releases of theirs, however, the album marked a momentous occasion in the band’s history as their first ever material to be available digitally. The prolific duo have always prided themselves on maintaining this idea of a musical scavenger hunt, only ever offering their music on limited edition runs of CDs handed out at their live shows. This transformation to the digital realm sparked an exciting new way of connecting with fans both at home and throughout the world, and would eventually catalyse the band’s imminent ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ digital Australian tour. In celebration of their upcoming trip to our virtual shores this month, Wedance are thrilled to reveal a new video for their beloved Dance Pop single ‘Ironism’.

Bringing together a group of friends, misfits and oddballs, the video is a perfect encapsulation of a Wedance live show, complete with dancing, bouncing, flouncing and laughing. Though uncharacteristically devoid of any colour, the black and white video is as joyous as it is totally bizarre and proves why the dynamic duo are making waves with their infectious positivity and entirely unique style.

Dancing their way to Australian devices this spring, Wedance will bring their unprecedented energy, charisma and penchant for all things fashion to our virtual shores for a run of special performances across the country. Having previously performed in Australia at the 2016 Aus Asia Festival and the 2018 Bigsound Festival, as well as multiple Festival appearances throughout Asia and the world including Fuji Rock, Primavera Sound, Nuits Sonores, Bug Sounds, Baybeats and more, their upcoming virtual tour is not one to miss. This month, join Wedance for a stint of online dance parties to end all dance parties as they take on Bigsound, Isol-Aid and The Tivoli, beckoning all to join in on the alt-bacchanal. Be sure to pack your dance shoes!

Wedance ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ Digital Tour Dates
Bigsound ‘Dancing On The Farm’ Showcase + Q&A
Wednesday 21 October
Showcase time: 7PM AEST

Details: Bigsound Website

Isol-Aid Festival
Saturday 31 October
3:40-4:00PM AEDT

Details: Isol-Aid Website

Open Session Program at The Tivoli – Supporting Jaguar Jonze
Friday 20 November
Doors 7.00pm AEST
Starts 8.00pm AEST

Tickets $35 for cabaret style show via The Tivoli Website

Video Credits
Directed by David Cardonal
Performance by
전수현 / 김찬우 / 재아 / 상미 / 효정 / 구름 / 연두 / 성림 / 은준 / 숲이아 / 파람 / 은미 / 알록 / 조영국 / 임도연 / 위보 / 위기

Written, Composed, Arranged and Performed by Wedance (Wevo & Wegui)
Produced by Wedance (Wevo & Wegui) & BA Wheeler
Recorded at Union Studio (by BA Wheeler) & Shelter (by Wegui and Wevo), Seoul
Mixed and Mastered by BA Wheeler at Union Studio, Seoul

Published By MO records
Released through Beeline Records


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