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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I’m based in Belgium, in my hometown Namur. It’s been a while since the electronic music scene in Belgium is more into techno. Different from the time I’ve started to get involved with electronic music (end of 80’s) where was basically called “newbeat” – end of new wave, mixed with techno.

Please tell us about your latest and forthcoming releases -we know you’ll be back on Dirtybird + the release for Warung Records…- what else?

That’s right, my next release (March 2019) on Dirtybird is gonna be again for the Barbecue compilation (early this year I had a track at same compilation). The one for Warung is a collab with Ron Carroll, he’s de voice of the famous “Lucky Star” with a remix from Phonique, good because both of us has a history with the Club (Warung).  Upcoming for next year there is a few remixes and solo releases at the labels Sweat Club (Australia), Moonbootique (Germany), Animal Language (Netherlands), Bunny Tiger (Germany) and of course at LouLou Records.

What has influenced the most Kolombo’s sound, and how do you usually go about writing music?

I’ve been influenced by many sounds, I have a huge background on old school sounds of any kind, old hip hop, funky, house, techno to name a few, I am very eclectic when is about music. I don’t have any special way to write music, it depends of my inspiration at the time, sometimes I am more on the mood for melodic, but lately I’ve been more into house and techno.

You are the co-owner of LouLou Records! How and why did you decide to start the label (back in 2005, right)?

We started (LouLou Players and I) the label in 2004. At the beginning was just to release our own tracks only on vinyl and also to be able to have a space to bet in new talents that we believe in.

What do you find most challenging and rewarding about running your own imprint?

The challenge is to get support from other artists, especially bigger ones, to play our releases and believe in what we are doing. The reward is to get this support, especially because we focus on new talents.

LouLou Records released the new ‘Sinner & James – All About EP’ a few days ago, can you tell us how the process of putting this EP together and what it means to you?

These guys are from Canada and they had a previous EP released 2 months ago at the label, we really believe on their work, they have an old school touch on house which we really like. It’s the kind of new talent we like to bet on.

How did you get into and learn all about tech / studio production? What programs and equipment do you use to produce and record music?

I’ve learn by myself back in the end of 80’s with the Atari 1400 ST and Akai S900, I think it was the first machine for that, with 3 floppies for the Cubase program. Now I use manly MKS-80, MKS-50, Jupiter 4, Siel Opera 6, Nord Rack, Roland SH32 to name a few.

What do you most enjoy about writing, recording and performing music?

I love everything. I like parties, of course, but I also love to have my studio time alone. I’m a nerd.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Many things, at the moment Childish Gambino, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Dilated Peoples, A Tribe Called Quest, Roberta Flack, George Benson, Norah Jones, Sampa The Great, Syl Johnson and more.

What is your opinion of ADE Event Amsterdam? How profitable for business can be? What activities / showcases have you been doing this year?

ADE is amazing! It’s the time and place for who work in the electronic music industry to be. I’ve been going every year since probably 10 years ago. But this year was good; we could make so many connections and meetings. It’s a shame because I always want to attend more panels of the conference, but as we have a lot of meetings this is not possible. I could be to our showcase, its being going on at Up Club for 4 years already.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

I’ve took one month off for studio time, after Christmas I am going to my annual South America summer tour till the end of January – I’ll be playing in many places on Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Favourite food and place to hang out?

I love pretty much every food, but specially Thai and Japanese. Place to hang out is my friend’s bar/store called Art Salon in Namur (my hometown) is very chilled and I can meet all my friends there. I can arrive there at any time of the day; I’ll meet some good friends around.





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