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Kirsten Salty today reveals her irresistible new track ‘Limbo’, the second single released by the up-and-coming artist hailing from Sydney.

Another peak into the chronicles of Kirsten Salty, ‘Limbo’ accentuates the restlessness of new relationships; the unknown of whether to keep moving forward while never wanting to take a step back. ‘Limbo’ shines a shimmering light on the situation with a bright and colourful instrumental all the while being enriched by Kirsten’s cunningly apt lyrics, it’s an ode to the fantasy of new love in all its shapes and forms.

“’Limbo’ is about a period that I like to call ‘the question mark phase’. This can be in a relationship, friendship, work, family drama… it’s that time when you’re unsure and not on the same page. I was in a situation where me and this certain someone were playing cat and mouse but never saw it going anywhere because we were both so stuck in Limboland. It’s just something everyone can relate to and that’s one of my favourite things about music.” – Kirsten Salty

‘Limbo’ is the compelling follow up to November’s debut ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ produced by and featuring Taka Perry which Kirsten performed live on ABC’s ‘The Sound’. ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ was welcomed with acclaim from fans and critics alike, earning Kirsten a #13 debut on Spotify’s New Music Friday along with playlisting in Front Left, Indie Arrivals, We Be Vibin’ plus loads more and gaining 22.9k streams in its release week. Apple Music followed suit with the track winning spots in Breaking: Pop, Pop Chill, Mellow Days and Alt Pop as well as earning praise from tastemakers at triple J Unearthed:

“Loving this! It’s got a bit of oomph, an easy flow, you sound effortless Kirsten and it just sticks” – Claire Mooney StarStarStarStar

“This one leaps off the page, what a debut! Such vibrance and style and the Taka touch is brilliant.” – Declan Bryne StarStarStarStar

Following the release of ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’, Kirsten supported Fergus James at his sold out Great Southern Nights shows, with those in the room being some of the very first to hear the project live.With her moody mix of bold R&B and sophisticated pop, Kirsten oozes prowess in new track ‘Limbo’. Fearless in her sound, don’t miss out on what’s next to come from Kirsten Salty.

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