Kendra Gabrielle

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Where are you currently based?

I’m currently based in Milton, Ontario about 40mins outside of Toronto.

How did you first start playing music?

I started officially playing music at the age of 14, I started out with voice and then added in guitar and piano and finally ukulele. It’s been quite the journey learning all these instruments.

What’s been happening recently?

Honestly, recently it’s been an absolute whirlwind getting the single ready for release while completing a post-grad program. However, I’m so grateful for the response and love the single has received from all my listeners, it’s only been a couple of days since it’s been out so I cannot wait to see the new opportunities that will be coming my way.

Please tell us about your musical journey thus far:

Yes absolutely, so it started with me getting into an art high school for music where I specialized in voice, while I studied throughout those 4 years I decided music was something I wanted to pursue as a career so I applied to a couple of universities all over Ontario and ended up in the Bachelor of Music program specializing in classical voice at Carleton University. Throughout those years I got to be in choirs, guitar ensembles, songwriting ensembles and travel to China to perform, which was an incredible experience. In my last year, I decided to switch to the songwriter program to grow my writing skills. After graduating I released my debut single “Bad Boy” in the fall of 2020, and have been growing my audience all over ever since by playing local shows and posting covers on social media.

You have a new single on the way, please tell us what this track means to you:

Yes, this track is really special to me because of the messaging behind it. “Drunk On My Own” contrary to the title is a love song but to yourself. When we were writing the tune, I wanted the listener to take away a couple of things from the song:

  1. The only person you need the most love from is yourself. Once you’re drunk on your own love, you’re unstoppable.

  2. Value your female friendships especially when you’re in your 20s these are the years to collect all those wonderful memories to share in the future – and let’s be honest they’re gonna be the ones there wiping your tears when a boy breaks your heart.

What or who influenced the sound and songwriting?

For the sound, my producer and I have been creating a sound that compliments my voice and personality, taking direction from the country genre but putting our own spin on it and of course Taylor Swift. The songwriting influence was from women around us, in general, I tend to get inspired by real-life mostly.

How did you go about writing this single?

So the song was co-written by myself, Taylor Adams and Jessie Bower this was the first time we’d ever written together and we basically started talking about our early 20s and it is a time when you’re figuring out so many things, relationships, who you are as an adult, friendships literally everything under the sun and one thing that’s not talked about enough is just loving yourself. It’s always about “so when are you going to get married, find a partner etc”. So we wrote an empowering song that says you don’t need anyone, you’re allowed to be in love with yourself and that’s all that matters.

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?

I recorded the instruments at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton Ontario, however, all the vocals were completed at my producer’s studio. We started the recording process beginning of fall in 2021 and have been working on it since then, I really enjoyed being part of every single step in the creation of the song, from the day the drums were recorded to hearing the final mastered copy. The song was produced by CMAOntario nominated producer Shawn Moore.

How did you approach the recording process?

We did everything step by step, so there was absolutely no rush in this process. But honestly, all I did was have fun with the band and with Shawn, cracking jokes and making some good music.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am currently listening to a lot of Celine Dion and Carly Pearce but I’m always listening to Taylor.

What do you like to do away from music?

This totally depends on what mood I’m in, everyone knows music can evoke so many emotions. As an artist, I love to hear how others write their songs and the stories behind them.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2022?

There’s so much going on this year. This summer has a bunch of shows which I am so excited for, I’ll be back in the studio finishing up another single coming out later in the year and some other exciting stuff that everyone can find out on my socials as they’re being announced.

Favourite food and place to hang out?

I literally love anything that involves potatoes haha. I just love hanging out with my friends at my home or theirs.

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