KEDR LIVANSKIY Shares new single & video ‘Your Turn’ Forthcoming album Liminal Soul due October 1

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Photo Credit: Anastasia Pozhidaeva

Praise for Kedr Livanskiy

“…glides between ethereal electro-pop and underground breakbeats” – Pitchfork

“Shimmering and seductive techno” – Resident Advisor

Kedr Livanskiy’s upcoming album Liminal Soul plays like an opera. It’s expansive, timeless and finds the Russian producer/musician pushing the boundaries of electronic songwriting. Ahead of its October 1 release, via 2MR / Remote Control Records, she’s revealed her dynamic new single ‘Your Turn‘ which features Kedr’s frequent collaborator and friend, Flaty. For the video, director Masha DemianovaKedr and stylist Olesya Skaryna teamed up to create their take on a mockumentary music video. Masha explains, “I wanted it to look like we were on a far and complicated journey to shoot something beautiful, but in the end, the ‘making of’ footage is the only thing that comes to fruition. I wanted to document the time we are living now, with Yana and Olesya, our friendship and people around us. And of course the spirit of our country.” 

Livanskiy’s previous record Your Need cemented her on the forefront of Russia’s burgeoning electronic / experimental music scene and was met with acclaim from both fellow DJs and press alike, earning her features in publications like The GuardianPitchfork (Read her Rising Feature), VBandcampGorilla Vs Bear and more, as well as live gigs worldwide from Moscow to New York City.

The infectious pop energy of Your Need is still present on Liminal Soul, but this time it’s more refined; a single element in an elaborate arsenal. Rather than rebelling against the upbeat nature of Your Need, she opted to expound upon it: Liminal Soul takes the technicolour dance floor conjured on Your Need and drops it into the middle of a lush forest, striking a perfect balance between the electronic energy of contemporary life and the organic ease of the natural world.

To move beyond required her to push her own internal boundaries, including the use of her voice. In the past, Livanskiy’s vocals were used sparingly, a gentler element in a larger production tapestry. On Liminal Soul, though, she’s brought them to the forefront. With this liberation came the freedom to experiment with the voice as an instrument as well.

On Liminal Soul she injects her infectious club beats with a dose of the natural, crafting a transcendent collection of deconstructed break pop. From the angelic choral opener ‘Celestial Ether‘ to the moodier outro ‘Storm Dancer‘, the listener enters a state of suspended reality where they are transported to dark cityscapes and verdant rural sprawls, futuristic societies and ancient ones, all in the same stroke. In the end, Livanskiy doesn’t propose a single path forward. The point, instead, is to make peace with the fluctuation itself.

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Kedr Livanskiy – Liminal Soul

1. Celestial Ether
2. My Invisible
3. Boy
4. Stars Light Up
5. Teardrop
6. Night (ft. Synecdoche Montauk)
7. Your Turn (ft. Flaty)
8. Badlands
9. Storm Dancer

Kedr Livanskiy – Liminal Soul is out October 1
via 2MR / Remote Control Records
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