KeAloha ‘2Lips’ Premiere

by the partae
KeAloha '2Lips' Premiere

KeAloha has released her new single “2Lips” an indie folk-pop gem that reaches into the artistic influences of her heritage. Through her gifts as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer, KeAloha invites us into the moments of liberation that we find when we hold ourselves, eachother, and our complex intersections with tenderness, solidarity, and pride. KeAloha is a mixed race femme with chronic illness disability, whose blood carries legacies of Polynesian navigators and dancers, Lheidli trappers and medicine people, Irish farmer-settlers, and Chinese immigrants. Her music is a vessel for her to build relationships and understanding with the many identities she holds. A usual suspect in Vancouver’s RnB, Latinx, jazz, fusion, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Folk, and Pop scenes, KeAloha is committed to shaping her career and community through reciprocity for the people and music-cultures who inspire her.



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