“Empowerment Through Music: Kasia’s Journey and the Making of ‘Heartstrings'”

by the partae

Can you walk us through the process of creating the music video for “Heartstrings”? What were some of the key concepts or themes you wanted to convey visually?

For the “Heartstrings” music video, I wanted to convey feelings of empowerment, fun, urgency and excitement while showcasing the vibrant energy of Vancouver. I incorporated elements of goofiness and spontaneity to highlight the joy of being a music artist and performer. The key concepts were to capture moments of tension and excitement while running around the city, ultimately creating a visual representation of the song’s themes of empowerment and enjoyment.

How did your personal experiences, particularly in navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship, influence the creation of “Heartstrings” both musically and visually?

My personal experiences, particularly in navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship, deeply influenced both the musical and visual creation of “Heartstrings.” Through the song, I aimed to show the journey of going through a difficult time and emerging stronger and more empowered than ever before. Visually, I wanted to showcase my thriving and well-being, emphasizing that despite past struggles, I am now in a positive place.

A significant aspect of the music video was the inclusion of my ex-partner, who portrayed a role in the video (not who the lyrics were written about). This choice was intentional and held personal significance. It aimed to illustrate that not all relationships end in dramatic confrontations; sometimes, people can transition from romantic partners to friends amicably. By featuring my ex in the video, I wanted to challenge the misconception that individuals are to blame for being in abusive relationships and highlight that the responsibility lies solely with the abuser. It was a statement about the possibility of ending a relationship and still maintaining a healthy, supportive connection.

 You mentioned that songwriting became your sanctuary during difficult times. How do you feel music, and specifically your own creations, can aid in healing and empowerment?

Music, especially my own creations, has been instrumental in aiding my healing and empowerment during difficult times. Song writing has served as a form of therapy, allowing me to express and process my emotions in a safe and constructive manner. For me, singing has always been a way of connecting with something greater than myself; whether it’s a divine energy or a source of inner strength.

When we put words to music it has the ability to turn into something of a mantra. My hope is to create something catchy and empowering to act as a mantra that listeners can internalize for a positive benefit. This ability to instill empowerment and positivity through the power of song is truly remarkable and highlights the transformative potential of music in healing and empowering individuals.

“Heartstrings” combines elements of house, bass house, and pop. Can you talk about your creative process in blending these genres to create a unique sound?

“Heartstrings” represents a fusion of house, bass house, and pop, which are all integral parts of my musical identity. These genres resonate with me on a personal level, as they reflect the diverse range of music that has influenced and shaped my musical journey. Growing up, I was exposed to various genres, from house to pop, and each has left its imprint on me.

In blending these genres, my creative process is driven by a desire to infuse the best elements of each into a sound that is uniquely my own. It’s about capturing the essence of what resonates with me from each genre and weaving them together to create something fresh and distinctive. Ultimately, “Heartstrings” embodies the culmination of my musical influences and experiences, resulting in a sound that is authentic and true to myself.

How does “Heartstrings” connect thematically to the rest of your upcoming album?

“Heartstrings” serves as the starting point for my upcoming album, both thematically and musically. It sets the tone for the depth and exploration that I aim to achieve throughout the album. With “Heartstrings,” I’ve begun to explore themes of empowerment, resilience, and personal growth, laying the foundation for the overarching narrative of the album.

As the first glimpse into the album, “Heartstrings” hints at the emotional depth and complexity that will be further explored in subsequent tracks. It’s a starting point—a catalyst for the deeper journey I intend to really get into with this album.

What can listeners expect from the album in terms of sound and message?

Listeners can expect a sonic experience with the album, characterized by healing frequencies and a diverse range of sounds. Each track will feature powerful lyrics that delve into meaningful themes of personal growth, empowerment, and resilience. Through metaphors and a touch of humor, I aim to create music that resonates with listeners on a deeply relatable level.

Overall, the album will deliver music with a message—one that uplifts, inspires, and encourages self-reflection.

As a former synth pop artist and international model, how has your past experience influenced your approach to electronic music production?

My past as a synth pop artist and international model has greatly influenced how I approach electronic music production. I’ve always been inclined to jot down my thoughts and experiences in journals, often finding inspiration for songwriting and poetry in them.

Even during my modeling days in Miami, I made time to work on music. Whether it was scribbling lyrics during breaks from model events or setting up a makeshift recording booth in a closet, I was determined to pursue my passion. I even had some fun recording sessions documented for a reality show and filmed the music video for Bad Karma in one of the model houses we lived in.

Being part of Fan Death, the synth pop band, was pivotal for me. It was my first taste of professional recording and production, teaching me the basics of what I would need to know to produce my own music. Collaborating with fellow models-turned-bandmates added to the excitement and creativity of the experience, shaping my journey in music production.

What drew you to the EDM genre, and how do you see your sound evolving within it?

What drew me to the EDM genre is its vastness and versatility. It offers ample room for experimentation and growth. Typically, I start by making an acapella song and then transform it into an EDM track. This approach allows me to explore various sonic landscapes within the EDM genre, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of my sound. With EDM, the possibilities are endless, and I’m excited to continue exploring and evolving within this dynamic genre.

Could you share some highlights or memorable experiences from performing at the Rifflandia Music Festival in 2023?

Performing at the Rifflandia Music Festival in 2023 was truly unforgettable. Playing alongside a live band was a highlight, and the reception from the audience was incredible. One review even described our performance as “a breath of fresh air,” which was incredibly rewarding to hear. It was also really cool to have fans approach us after the show, asking for photos. Overall, the entire experience was amazing and left a lasting impression on me.

You’ve formed creative partnerships with various individuals and labels. How have these collaborations shaped your artistic journey?

Collaborating with various individuals and labels has been an enriching experience that has greatly influenced my artistic journey. One notable collaboration was my role as the lead producer for the first all-women’s label, Powher Sound. I had the opportunity to produce for several talented artists. I’ve also worked on collaborations with a diverse range of artists throughout my career.

These partnerships have not only been enjoyable but also valuable learning experiences. They’ve provided me with new perspectives, techniques, and insights into different styles of music. However, as I continue to evolve as an artist, I’m now at a point where I feel compelled to focus more on my individual style and explore my identity as a solo artist. While collaborations have been instrumental in shaping my journey, I’m eager to delve deeper into my own creative expression and establish my unique musical voice.

In what ways do you hope your music resonates with listeners, especially in terms of offering healing and empowerment?

I aspire for my music to have a positive impact on listeners’ lives, whether by offering solace, empowerment, or simply brightening their day. By sharing my own vulnerabilities through my music, I aim to create a space where others feel comfortable to open up and share their own experiences. As Paul McCartney once said, “For you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder.” I believe that by being authentic and vulnerable, we can foster connection and understanding.

I also have been really enjoying infusing healing frequencies into my music. Beyond serving as a stress reliever and spiritual experience, music has the potential to heal our physical ailments as well. It’s fascinating to explore how music can have tangible healing qualities, and I hope that my music can contribute to this process of healing and rejuvenation for listeners.

How do you balance vulnerability and strength in your songwriting and performance?

Balancing vulnerability and strength in my songwriting and performance is an ongoing journey for me. I find that I often lean more towards vulnerability, as I believe authenticity is key to creating meaningful connections with my audience. While it can be daunting to expose my innermost thoughts and emotions, I’ve come to realize that being true to myself is more important than trying to please everyone.

At the end of the day, if my music doesn’t resonate with someone, that’s okay. I’ve learned to accept that I can’t please everyone. I focus instead on connecting with those who appreciate and understand my artistic expression. It’s about staying true to myself and my vision, trusting that the right audience will find and appreciate my work.

Can you discuss any specific symbolism or imagery used in the “Heartstrings” music video, and how it ties into the overall message of the song and your artistic vision?

Running down the street in the video represents a sense of urgency or escape, reflecting the emotional turmoil conveyed in the lyrics. Having an ex as my co-star adds a layer of complexity, symbolizing past relationships and how not every ex ends because of toxicity or drama. The backdrop of Vancouver serves as both a setting and a symbol of personal history and growth.

The use of my name, KASIA, in lights and the camera angles zooming in and out around my face create a sense of prominence and scrutiny, highlighting the intensity of emotions portrayed in the song. Putting my name in lights is also a symbol of my refusal to be intimidated by others in the music industry. The serious expressions on my face and my direct gaze add raw emotion and vulnerability.

In the lyrics, the act of writing in my journal with my left hand symbolizes finding light in the darkness and embracing the unconventional path. The phrase “pulling on my heartstrings” signifies emotional manipulation and vulnerability, echoing the themes of pain and hurt explored in the song.

Overall, these symbolic elements and imagery enrich the storytelling in the music video, deepening the viewer’s understanding of the song’s themes and enhancing the overall artistic experience.

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