Jye Whiteman With His Enthralling Vocal Range And Electro-Acoustic Sensibilities Releases Striking Single ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ Out Now!

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With an enthralling falsetto range, ethereal tone, alluring rhythms and his wild, go-getter nature, Jye Whiteman — who is releasing his new single ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ Out Now! [stream here] — is a Brisbane raised electro-acoustic singer-songwriter who has lived and performed across the UK, Europe and Australia and is now, for the time being, living and performing his music all along the West-coast of Australia.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ explores the integrity of the beginning of a relationship, one that isn’t just surface layer attraction and infatuation – something Jye has felt he has come across all too often, especially once he began travelling and touring overseas.

The new single showcases his eclectic taste and electro-pop-folk sensibilities in both song-writing and production. He manages to incorporate the heart-throbbing, uplifting beat of an electro-pop track with big delays, synths and drum samples, the indie-rock/ funk vibe with fitting electric guitar parts, fast-paced verses of hip-hop blended with his slow and acutely passionate heavy-hearted vocal tone.

Jye released his debut EP ‘Distance’ in 2015 that showcased this vocal ability and his electro-acoustic style and although this is his first release since 2016, he has been developing himself, his songwriting and has been in practice performing non-stop to reach this pinnacle that is exhibited in ‘Do Ya Wanna?’.

To provide only a glimpse of his hard efforts, whilst living in the UK in 2015 Jye played at a slew of festivals including The Great Escape; Together The People; 110 Above; and Fyne Fest. Amongst those festivals, Jye was billed alongside acts such as Jose Gonzalez, The Rubens and Jake Bugg.

Once Jye returned to Australia he set out on a huge endeavour – to circumnavigate the continent on his push bike while playing shows in the towns and cities he passed.

Initially this 14,000km trip that took 6 months to complete was a personal challenge, however, it became a unique touring opportunity for him that allowed him to spread the word and raise funds for the Australian Marine Conservation. To have completed such trip is indeed a huge testament to Jye’s ability to dedicate himself to his life goals.

Later, in May 2017, he hit the road with friend and fellow musician Lyall Moloney on the ‘Get Up’ tour where he was able to reach a brand new audience.

Now, the release of ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ is a definitive step for Jye Whiteman, his music and this year ahead of him. More information about these plans is to be announced in the first quarter of 2018.

About ‘Do Ya Wanna?
Written and Performed by Jye Whiteman.
Guitar by Tim Pierce (Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Meatloaf).
Recorded and Mixed by Oscar Neidhardt and James Angus.
Mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Halfmoon Run).


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