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“Get yourself some Egyptian cotton courtesy of Jye’s haberdashery.
The silkiest fabrics only, ready for you to glide in.”

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“Shows off his intricate indie-pop taste”
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Gubbi Gubbi Land / Sunshine Coast singer, producer, and composer Jye today reveals his new LP, Sleeping In out via The Orchard in February 2023. With the news, he also shares his latest lo-fi pop single ‘Rest My HeadLISTEN HERE.

Since formally introducing himself with ‘Sleeping In’ and ‘On My Own’ and more recently ‘Easy’, ‘Lemon Lime’ and ‘Don’t Wanna See You Down’, ‘Rest My Head’ marks the latest single lifted from his forthcoming LP Sleeping In. The track finds Jye taking a step back to ultimately looking inward, translating the most innate parts of mental health and his personal life to explore the deep elements of pairing individual growth with intimate songwriting.

Jye explains, “Rest My Head’ comes from a more introspective place than a lot of my songs have lately. All the tracks leading up to the album thus far have been either lovey-dovey songs or focusing on the feelings of people around me. This track is more of a glimpse into my own mental health and how I’m feeling. It came at a time where I was feeling kinda down about my music and feeling a lot of pressure to try be something, with the chorus centring around ‘I’ll rest my head’ when I need to.

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to get ahead. I felt like I had all this exciting stuff happening around me and something didn’t feel right! I guess naturally it all came into play in a song. The instrumentation itself is a reflection of this, very gritty and fast-paced, almost a little angry. It’s one of those songs where the demo came together in an hour or so and hasn’t changed much since! These ones always end up being my favourites!”

With three self-released EPs already in his back pocket, Jye’s sly rebellion and creative modesty demonstrates his commitment to craft and deep authenticity. ‘Rest My Head’ is another preview into Jye’s unique brand of sunbaked indie pop, more of which will be revealed in his soul-baring LP Sleeping In. An easy confluence of deep honesty and a mirror for others to see themselves, Jye threads the sonic influences of Dominic Fike and Still Woozy into his own to encapsulate everything he strives for – an open-hearted release with its eyes firmly on the horizon.

After releasing under different monikers and even initially being afraid to sing, Jye‘s first single under his own name ‘Beachy Girl‘ emerged in 2017 as a Youtube discovery sensation, and his bedroom productions were quickly amassing over 25+ million plays online. Although best known for widely-streamed singles including the Spotify hit ‘A Shitty Love Song‘ (made on a whim in just 20 minutes), it’s clear that his debut album, Sleeping In is an apt introduction into the world of Jye, whose genre-hopping sound is propelled by the momentum of his previous releases and personal life.

Sleeping In LP
Out 2023 via The Orchard

Rest My Head‘ is out now, buy/stream here

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