JXCKY ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

by the partae

Melbourne based artist JXCKY (pronounced: Jacky) is finalising his 2020 with RnB, pop infused single titled What’s So Good About Brandon?

Following his most recent release Lockdown Lover which gained JXCKY a massive amount of industry and audience awareness, this new release promises to showcase a wider range of creativity and soul.

“Jxcky captures the melancholy and heartbreak being felt the world over, but through his silky vocals shines a light of hope” – Australian Music Scene 2020

The single underlines that post summer break-up despair, a position many individuals have found themselves in. The  denial and anger,  struggling to come to accept. In the midst of secrets, confessions and constant comparison, that the ideal outcome that they  sought in this affair is never going to happen.

Artist Biography:
It is the pursuit of every artist to captivate their audience and transport every listener to a sonic fantasy that captures both the objective and subjective aspects of life. For Melbourne based artist JXCKY (pronounced: Jacky), this pursuit is integral to his brand overall, seeking to capture the dramatic, tumultuous and fleeting moments to create a lasting, sentimental effect on anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, empathise and understand. 

Seamlessly blending contemporary pop with modern R&B flair, JXCKY utilises his literary influences and passion for writing to uniquely detail his personal experiences into memorable hooks and melodies. Inspired by artists who are intrinsically authentic like Taylor Swift and Zayn, and those who explore spiritual complexity and the power of sincerity like Daniel Caesar and Bruno Major, JXCKY unites these qualities to create a truly synergised sound with the ability to intimately navigate through deep musical labyrinths.

The future looks bright for JXCKY with multiple singles slated for worldwide release over the next few months of 2020, leading into a cosmic album project in 2021, exploring the universal themes of anger, jealousy, revenge in a signature dark pop / R&B soundscape.

Facebook – https://facebook.com/jxckymusic

Instagram – https://instagram.com/jxckymusic

Twitter – https://twitter.com/jxckymusic

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9KPzeyHmQ0C0j4S95vtxg

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