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“Justin Stewart Cotta is an emotional tour de force, vocals landing between the prose of Bono and the power and presence of Tool”  – Metal Edge Magazine

Justin Stewart Cotta is the classic poet-warrior. Vulnerability and strength co-exist in equal doses, and you can feel it in his music. His last song “Longing Is Not Love” showcased Justin’s colourful vocals, jangly guitar lines and expansive singalong melodies in a full band affair. Out on the 2nd of October, new single “Love Yourself” shows fans an alternate stripped back, powerfully emotive side of the artist that delves into finding hope in hopelessness.

“For so many of us there has always been a pandemic… depression and anxiety. It has taken some of my closest friends. I have found myself on the edge more than once. I’m just very fortunate to have had a guitar and a melody to talk me down. In a time of isolation and despair, this particular tune became a close friend. I reckon the greatest gift you can offer someone is to give them some hope when they are experiencing utter hopelessness. Through experience and recovery I found that if you nurture that little flicker of love inside you, then you are going to be more able to pass it on to someone who really needs it” – Justin Stewart Cotta

A singer songwriter, pianist and guitarist, he was a founding member of Memento (Columbia/EMI Publishing) and was the Guitarist & keyboardist for VAST (Elektra). Justin has toured Europe & the U.S. with Queens Of The Stone AgeMarilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne among many others.

“There was nowhere to hide in the recording and production of ‘Love Yourself’.  It’s a relatively dry vocal, and a single take on the guitar. In an era of auto-tune, programming, catchy two-bar loops and synthetics, I wanted to strive for an absolute analogue experience. Not at all from a place of snobbery, but rather to serve a sense of loneliness and warmth within the song. It’s one of the very few times I can honestly say the production and mix are pretty much identical to the song that was originally stuck inside my head” – Justin Stewart Cotta



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