Just a Gent

by the partae

The release of this album feels like a milestone for you and for fans alike; how does it feel to have this collection be so definitive as your sound?

It feels incredible, a huge part of why I wrote this record was to have a full piece that screams this is Just A Gent and this is who I am. Part of me wishes I had done it sooner but I’m stoked it’s finally here 

Talk us through some of your favourite moments of the album, and the importance of each of the collaborators you worked with on it: how did you go about linking up with the guests we hear on the album?

I’ve been putting together the album for a couple years now and some of the ideas have been sitting around for years and years. I think a few of my favourite moments are the more recent tracks I created to fit the record like lightspeed and planet oasis. I really enjoyed creating those, just drifting off into my imagination and letting them be whatever they wanted and I love how it brings me back to that when I listen.

In terms of collaborations these are all friends who I’ve worked with in the past or been working with in some capacity for a while. For this record I just wanted to work with people I cherished and creatives I trust. Everyone on this record has their own unique  taste and they all stay true to themselves. 

When you listen back through this record; what stands out the most to you about how your skills as a songwriter/producer have evolved over the last few years?

When I listen back, I think I’ve stopped thinking as much about what everyone else is going to think and I’m just making music that I want to hear myself. I think as a producer I’ve tried to take a step back and focus a lot more on the songwriting / sonics of these tunes. I usually have a tendency to overdo it, add to many elements, push the mix way to loud etc. So with this record I went for a less is more approach and really tried to nail the sounds and sonics of the guts of the ideas rather than overcomplicate them.

Do you think, in making this album, your approach to music making in general has changed in any particular way?

Absolutely, I’ve never committed to finishing so many songs for 1 project and its certainly stressful. In the past I’ve just worked at my own pace and really refined things before they were released but the more I worked on this record like I had previous projects it was just neverending. I think I had to find a point in all these songs where I said enough is enough and really pick and choose the best elements/ best tracks and recycle the rest. Originally tnjs would of been a 24 track double LP but had to make some sacrifices for the sake of my sanity


If this is the jump off point for a new Just A Gent fan, what kind of energy do you hope is instilled in them through listening to it?

I hope they can find some creative energy. My goal with this entire record is to inspire people to create and innovate. Even if that’s not the outcome, whatever they take from the record is why I do this. Sharing these songs/sounds in the hopes people can feel what I have felt during writing them and finishing them. Music still blows my mind everyday, how powerful of an effect it can have on your mood or a certain situation. If my sounds are enough to fluctuate someone’s choices into a more positive place than I’ve done my job

Australian dance and beats-driven music is properly having a *moment* right now – what is it about this sort of music being made out of this country that is really nailing it?

I think it’s been this way since I have been in the scene. Aussies have always been one step ahead and it’s not because we want to be ahead of the curve, it’s because we are just making it for fun. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such talented artists here that preach about just being creative, having fun with it and trying to stretch our imaginations to the limit. It’s so good to see so many friends/comrades killing it in the worldwide scene and I never doubted any of them. If you create to your own taste and make music for you then I don’t see how you can ever fail.

Are you listening to any artists or producers right now who feel in any way influential on the way you’re looking at music, creatively?

Always! At the moment I’ve really been loving Magdalena Bay. They are out of LA, I’ve only recently discovered them and I can’t get enough. Their new track dreamcatching has one of the coolest video clips I’ve ever seen and their sound is just so pretty and perfect. They just get it. 

The album already feels set up for the live scene – what are you looking forward to the most about getting the new music ready for tour?

Now that I’ve finally got a full record I’m just keen to play it out. I have never tested any of these songs to audiences because this record has come together during the last couple years. I can’t wait to see how people react to the songs live and on a huge system where I’m hoping it sounds it’s best. This will be the first tour where I’m gonna be really showing what just a gent is rather than DJing and playing a bunch of times I like. Very excited ?



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