Julia Sound Will Release Their 3rd Single A Remix Of “Rise From The Ashes” Taken From Their Recently Released LP “Nothing Above The Blue Sky” Via Boomsmack Records

by the partae
Julia Sound, a rising collective in Canada’s vibrant music scene, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “Rise From The Ashes” in collaboration with Yo Megasonic.“Rise From The Ashes” is an anthem for those who have confronted challenges and emerged victorious. It serves as an invitation for listeners to embrace their inner strength and persevere through life’s tribulations. Julia Sound’s music is a poignant reminder that everyone possesses the power to transcend difficulties and rediscover their inner fire.
The emotive rap traverses an electronic musical landscape, delivering poignant lyrics that resonate with the universal human experience. Megasonic’s voice exudes raw authenticity, forging a deep connection with listeners. With its inspirational message and epic soundscapes, “Rise From The Ashes” has the potential to resonate with a broad audience.

Led by producer-composer Lin Gardiner, Julia Sound aims to highlight the disparity between the rich and poor in the current climate crisis. “I’d been struck over the last few years how disconnected humanity seems to have become,” says Gardiner. Not just because of Covid, but the ever-widening gap between the 1% and everyone else. In ‘Rise FromThe Ashes’, Yo Megasonic (an integral part of the collective) and I call out the 1% and their role in planetary decline. The billionaires and their pointless race to populate other planets, while the one we have needs so much attention; the fossil fuel magnates, who double down on their efforts to extract what we know is causing so much damage; the rich powerful ‘influencers’ who are instrumental in spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, which have many becoming absorbed into nonsense arguments and culture wars.”


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