Julia Sound Video Premiere

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Julia Sound Video Premiere
A composer, songwriter, mixer, sound designer, and producer – Julia Sound (aka Lin Gardiner)  has a decorated history in the music business that has spanned years (and countries). With “Fly Again” she marks a new departure into a hip-hop world tinged with ambient doom.  “The single came about as I had been playing with binaural beats for that low drone,” says Gardiner,  “I was in an ambient dub kind of a mood after working on a different song from the album, so I started building out this beat. Normally I would add more elements and layers, but Jo’s free flow was so good I didn’t want to add anything else.”

Created during the pandemic, “Fly Again” is amongst a myriad of songs to come from an upcoming album – but it is this track that directly references the state we currently find ourselves in.  Jo says “The beat is so deeply beautiful, and I started to flow over it, a piece of poetry that came out in a more unstructured format with the repeated sung part giving hope that one day we will travel again without fear. In the meantime, I hope that we can find adventure in our everyday living and let this music take us to a beautiful place in our minds.”

A standout in the video game, film and TV industries as well, Gardiner is a force to be reckoned with in the field, and a consistent and constant creative who can bring out the same in others.


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