JP Hoe ‘Out Of The Darkness’ Premiere

by the partae
Canadian singer songwriter JP Hoe has released his new single “Out Of The Darkness” from his upcoming album “Botanicals”.

‘Botanicals’ encapsulates JP’s journey over the past few years, in trying to find the balance between attentive father/husband/friend and lifelong traveling performer.  Sole songwriter, self-engineering and producing the album, he attempts to live up to his admired jack-of-all-trade predecessors (Sufjan Stevens, Hawksley Workman, Tom  Petty) to name a few. The outcome is a heartfelt collection of songs cloaked in JP’s fingerprints and creative perception. As the dust settles and a new normal becomes reality, so too is JP adapting to these challenges. Stopping is not an option. Corralling an audience to sing along at the top of their lungs or sharing a moment in the lobby with a stranger over a shared tragedy; these are the moments he wants back. Whether contributing to soundtracks on film or  tv, or performing on stages halfway across the world, his songs have the capacity to connect audiences of all shades.

The stories JP loves to share between the music reveal a person still searching, and someone who isn’t ashamed to laugh at his failures along the way. The silver lining of  the past two years for him has been a passionate reminder to carry the adventure  forward; throwing everything you have at it and leaving nothing to regret.

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