Josha Daniel finally releases his highly anticipated debut album on Enroute Records

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Josha Daniel finally releases his highly anticipated debut album on Enroute Records
Josha Daniel finally releases his debut album which is out today on Enroute Records. After dedicating his lock-down time to producing all the tracks of his anticipated album, Daniel is finally ready to fully debut his music and share it with the world.
With his very own and unique sound, Josha merged 80’s influences, analog synthesizers and pop inspired melodies with his signature beats.
With Dream OF You, his musical talent and versatility as a singer, producer and instrumentalist are apparent. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Josha, lets the synth and keyboards shine, while playing down the electric guitar occasionally, for example in tracks like “Room For Error”.  Overall, the synths are dreamy and the beats are straight but organic, with critics already hailing the album as the perfect blend between Indie-rock, Altpop and Indietronica.
Josha: “To me, writing songs feels like an escape into another world. It’s like a dream to me and it feels like the connection between my future and my past. It feels like a lot of hard work over the years have finally come to fruition.”
“Dream Of You” is named after Josha Daniel’ impact single: With the track’s blissful hook and catchy chord progressions this record made a big impact since the release, already surpassing more than half a-million streams and radio support around the globe.
Josha Daniel was formerly known as centrepiece of the popular Dutch band called Silent War, where Josha got familiar with radio en television live appearances. Apart of his solo project, he is featuring on Eelke Kleijn’s album with two tracks, including the title track Oscilations.

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