Josh Milan’s birthday Party Returns to Cariocas with Omar, Louie Vega, Amp Fiddler, Josh Milan + more announced

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Josh Milan’s birthday Party Returns to Cariocas with Omar, Louie Vega, Amp Fiddler, Josh Milan + more announced

It all started in Autumn of 2018 when Josh Milan announced his 50th birthday party that took place in Greece. Fun, friends and our music family from all over the world responded to the call. Last Summer we all experienced and shared the emotions and music at this extremely beautiful event. June 20-23rd 2019, Cariocas Beach Bar was the place to be.

No one was surprised when Josh took the mic on the last day of the party and announced, what everyone who attended wanted to hear, “We are doing it again!” It was the promise we all wanted him to make. And that promise is being kept.

Cariocas is the secret festival location that you have been dreaming of, nestled just 30 minutes from Athens, this idyllic hedonist is the perfect escape, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the blissful Mediterranean lapping on its beachfront stage.

Over the course of the summer season a number of festival gatherings will take place kicking off with Josh Milan’s 51st Birthday Party. The event returns to Cariocas again in 2020 across June 25th to 28th, for 4 days of the most beautiful beach, delicious food, great musical entertainment by some award-winning artists, beautiful people and beautiful vibes.

Josh’s list of DJ’s and entertainers is forever growing. This year, super funkateer, and multitalented singer/songwriter Amp Fiddler will be blessing us with a full on set of his tunes. Also, the legendary, iconic Soul Singer, Omar will grace the stage with his presence. Honeycomb music’s own Dawn Tallman will be doing a performance. We’re all excited about the performing artist, but of course there’s the DJ’s! Grammy Award winning DJ Louie Vega, super producer DJ Atjazz will bless ya with a set. Celebrated producer DJ Jihad Muhammad will be there to bless us with his set. Honeycomb Music’s own Tracy Brathwaite will be there to perform her hits. To top it all off, Cariocas’ own Anna K and Sunshine Pedro will be there to represent the thriving Greek DJ Scene.

Josh Milan’s Birthday Party offers an intimate celebration on the Gulf of Corinth, where you can dance on the sand under your feet to sultry Jazz, Soulful and laid back house beats. This gathering is as much about enjoying the greek approach to the laid back lifestyle. This party offers something for all and a welcoming atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

To quote Josh: “A massive thank you to all who are coming back. It makes us so happy to see your smiling faces again! And a massive welcome to those joining us for the first time. Come be a part of our family. It’s all about love with us. The time is starting to tick away. Spaces are limited and tickets are selling fast. Don’t let the time get away from you. This is a guaranteed summer party you’ll never forget!”

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