Jordyn Elliott

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Jordyn Elliott

Tell us about your management company?

I have been an artist manager for over eight years. I have mainly focused in the genres of pop and country. I am self employed and have had a few partnerships with other management companies over the years. I have managed artists such as : Eleven Past One , Eric Ethridge. I now manage Meghan Patrick , Buck Twenty , Nicole Rayy , Dylan Burk , Kris Barclay and consult for many other artists. 

What do you do in re: to not only managing your artists, but to empower them as well?

I am very passionate about the acts I work with. I believe it’s my job and duty as a manager to help an artist feel confident and strong when showing off their talents. I try to really make sure my artists are comfortable discussing struggles and frustrations so I can try to find solutions to over come those obstacles with them. There are a lot of highs and lows in the industry and I really believe in celebrating all of the small victories too.  All of the artists I associate with and work with are very hardworking and I give them the encouragement to reach their goals and achieve success in all its forms. An artist / manager relationship is extremely important if not the most important in an artist’s career. Artist managers should be your biggest fan of your music and be able to sell your music and brand as well as you can. It takes one yes over a thousand rejections and it can really be hard for artists to find security in their path without a stable manager and sounding board. 

What drew you to the music management business?

I actually worked for a manager/ promoter as his personal assistant for my first job. I observed him for a year and became interested in his day to day operations. He trusted me to help build tours for his artists and gain experience. It was after that job I knew I had the personality and networking skills to be able to live out the dream of artist management. I couldn’t see myself doing anything but managing now. No plan B for me ! 

How do you want to grow your business?

I am trying to expand my business to the USA. I am predominantly working in the country genre and Nashville is where I hope to call home. I’m hoping to expand on the artists I have by building their careers and growing their audiences to create successful businesses in North America. I love developing acts and I think I’ll always have a development project within my roster if all of the artists I currently work with grew to stardom ( that’s the dream !). I hope to have some help with hiring staff and eager people who share the same values and skills as I do in artist management. I would also like to have an actual office ! I have been working out of my home since I started.  

Where would you like to see your business ten years in the future?

I would like to help create other managers within a successful company. I would love to have a stadium artist or break multiple artists by that time. It’s important as a woman in the industry to show other females that this industry can be a place for a women to create a career within. I would love to be travelling world wide and having a great team to be able to share in any success. The dream would to be different offices around the world supporting music of all genres. 

What has been a pivotal moment for you in re: to building your business?

Age and experience. I was never taken seriously until the age of around 25 or 26. I worked hard networking and building good relationships that I still have and remain. It took a lot of my money and time developing acts I believed in to gain or start to gain a name now. I knew when I began having artists I had developed reach the radio waves that people in the industry cared to play the music. One moment in particular that stands out was when I began consulting.. I had artists coming out of the wood work who actually really wanted to hear my advice and work with me. I think then my confidence grew and manifested in to a now a great business and it’s helping the artists in turn. 

What have been some of your favourite memories so far?

Ahhhh there have been so many. I think when Eleven Past One reached GOLD status on pop radio across Canada and they soon after got signed to Warner Music Canada ! . Meghan Patrick took a chance on me two years ago when she was fully established but it was a big win when she was nominated this year for a Juno and asked to perform on a record I got to work with her. Eric Ethridge independently reaching millions of streams independently on his debut album we released in the summer of 2018 ! The list goes on but these ones I’ll always remember !

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