Yukon Musician Jordy Walker Unveils New Single ‘Light Years’ and Anticipated Album ‘Gifted With Fiction’

by the partae

Yukon musician Jordy Walker has released his new single “Light Years” from his upcoming album, “Gifted With Fiction” (which is set for release in April).

Walker, a musician, composer, producer, and sound artist based in Whitehorse, has spent decades working behind the scenes with other artists. “Gifted With Fiction” is his first solo album in 20 years, reflecting a return to his musical roots and a unique sound. The album features a mix of experimental textures, blending guitar elements from noise, shoegaze, and art rock with melodies from indie pop and electronic soundscapes. “Gifted With Fiction” highlights Walker’s expertise honed through film scoring, sound art, and studio production for other artists.

Walker has either performed live or collaborated in studio sessions with notable artists such as Richard Reed Parry, Christine Fellows, Kim Barlow, Little Scream, The Burning Hell, Morlove, and many others. His participatory sound-art installations have been showcased in Toronto, Whitehorse, and Ottawa. As a performer, he has graced stages across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Additionally, Walker has composed music for award-winning short and feature-length documentaries.


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