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Johnny Void and The Others officially began in Tavares, Florida in January of 1994. Their first release, “Throat Oyster” (Feb, ’94) consisted of four tracks. After several months, and with a couple of lineup changes, Void, as they were known at the time, quietly stopped making music together.

But in the Spring of 1995, after a few months of living out in the streets of Los Angeles, Johnny Void returned to Florida reenergized and put together a new lineup! From that point on, Void would go on to disrupt the music scene with their hardcore punk rock sound, inspiring and influencing every band they met along the way! Following two more official studio releases and many shows, Void disbanded in the spring of 1996 during a live set at The Lion’s Den after Billy fell through the stage. But that didn’t mean they stopped playing music altogether.

Johnny Void went on to be a founding member of the Green Goblyn Project and X-Ray Youth, and now plays in DETHHAUS with drummer Justin Welch, of brit-pop royalty Elastica. Jason Burrows later joined the bands Unsung Zeros, Mashlin, and Boyce Avenue. Most of the other members went on to do many stints in jail or prison.

Void’s “3 Day War” LP was Ben Herlinger’s first producing credit. He went on to have a career producing music for BentMother and Bony Orbit records. He also did live sound for countless international acts for Walt Disney World. Many will know Bobby Croft for his years in the music scene, working with such acts as Hall and Oates, Smashing Pumpkins, The Allman Brothers, The Derek Trucks Band, Blind Melon, and many others.

Now, 29 years after their formation, Rakka Rakka Records is proud to bring you the first ever vinyl collection of this important Central Florida hardcore band, “Johnny Void and The Others- The Complete Studio Recordings of Original Material!”

In less than 35 minutes, you will be assaulted by 30 songs, including 5 outtakes. Only 100 copies of this record will be made, and only 99 will be available for purchase.

Side one consists of the tracks…

1. All The Things I Hear Are All The Things I Will Ignore 2. Anarchy 3. Blown Away 4. Brainwashed 5. Burning My Shit 6. Conniption 7. Go Home 8. Gonna Find Out 9. Ground 10. Here -1995- 11. Here -1996- 12. Holy Holy 13. Hypocrite 14. Justin The Mormon 15. Leave Me Alone

…while Side 2 features…

16. Mentally Ill 17. Muzak 18. My Apologies 19. New Thing 20. Nodding Out 21. Pop Song 22. Quickie Mart Junkie 23. Run Away 24. She Says 25. Television 26. 3 Day War 27. Therapy 28. Untitled 29. What I Say Is Cool 30. Yuppie Girl

From A to Y, you get Johnny Void and The Others’ entire musical catalog, all in alphabetical order to ensure variety. We are charging $40 to cover the cost of duplication, printing, Kickstarter fees, and shipping materials and postage. We are not making a profit off of this.


For only $40, you are receiving two original songs from the “Throat Oyster” EP, all of the “Living Dead” LP, plus outtakes, and all of the “3 Day War” LP, plus outtakes!

30 songs!

That’s a double album without it being on two records!

It will be 11-16 weeks after we reach our goal before you receive your record.

And what a record it will be!

– 1 Black 12″ vinyl at standard 150-gram weight

– Full-color label

– Unprinted inner sleeve

– Full-color Jacket w/spine

– Shrink wrap

– And an accompanying lyric sheet!

Remember! Only 99 of these are available, so act quickly! Purchase “Johnny Void and The Others- The Complete Studio Recordings of Original Material” before it’s too late, as it will never again be reproduced!

Tracks: 6, 14   From the EP “Throat Oyster”

Recorded Feb, 1994 ACME Studios, Tavares, Fl Produced by Johnny Void

Tracks: 2, 4, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 30 From The LP “Living Dead”

Recorded Aug, 1995 Grey Area Studios, Umatilla, Fl Produced by Bobby Croft

Tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7,8, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 29 From The LP “3 Day War”

Recorded Jan, 1996 at L N G Studios, Merritt Island, Fl Produced by Ben Herlinger

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