JOHNNY HUNTER unveil highly anticipated debut EP, EARLY TRAUMA October/November tour dates on sale now!

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JOHNNY HUNTER unveil highly anticipated debut EP, EARLY TRAUMA October/November tour dates on sale now!

Fresh off the release of their ‘Hollow Man’ single, Johnny Hunter now celebrates the release of their debut EP, Early Trauma.

The record is the perfect snapshot of one of Australia’s most exciting new bands, operating at full force. Layered with rich tone, emotional depth and a knack for storytelling that feels years beyond their time together as a group, Early Trauma depicts Johnny Hunter at the peak of their creative strengths, leaving the listener wanting to know what’s coming next. “As young adults our talent was unparalleled in wasting opportunities with blissful ignorance. From those decisions stemmed Early Trauma. Each song on this EP is in some way an ode to wasted youth. The energy and time spent on unimportant moments, and the realisation that without those moments we would not be who we are today. It’s our way of reverse engineering the painful memories we carry from our past decisions, so we can grow, develop and with time ultimately heal those scars.” Johnny Hunter

The EP has been teased here and there with the release of ‘Try As You May’, and ‘Pain & Joy’ alongside the more recent ‘Hollow Man’, diving deep into emotive territory listeners can liken to genre pioneers including Joy Division and The Smiths, and Australian contemporaries in Kirin J CallinanCity Calm Down and Liars. Lead single ‘Innocence Interrupted’ serves as an example of the EP’s broader energy. Unafraid to play with darker sonic tones, Early Trauma mixes drama with rich storytelling.  “An ode to Winona Ryder in the 1988 movie, Heathers. The film is about a high school couple who murder their classmates; an absolute hyperbolic example of wasted youth. We wrote the song as though we were writing for the closing credits of the movie. A true ballad for Early Trauma.” Johnny Hunter

Hypnotic vocals weave around post-punk production that has been effortlessly brought together to serve each of the five tracks’ narrative. What sticks out about the songs on the Early Trauma EP is that they each can stand proudly on their own while also being able to connect together as part of a larger story.

Recorded in Sydney’s southwest at A Sharp Recording Studio with ARIA-winning producer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths), and mastered by Ben Feggans (Cut Copy) of Studios 301Early Trauma as a final product is refined, beautifully produced and delivered with the essence of the band going untouched. “Written in a dimly lit studio/bedroom in an old townhouse in Redfern on an unplugged Gretsch and a borrowed Microkorg in between work weeks and late nights. Lyrics and parts were bounced off one another on top of the mattress that lay upon the floor of the room. Forever trapped in a futile battle with cockroaches we finalized the songs in Sydenham and recorded them at A Sharp Studios with our producer Adrian Breakspear, who is always on the pursuit for perfection.” Johnny Hunter


“When routine bites hard and ambitions are low, Johnny Hunter come through with the lifted modern post-punk anthem to get you lifted out the malaise.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“What an absolute dream scenario.”
Double J, Zan Rowe

“Like something out of a John Hughes film, Johnny Hunter deliver another dark yet triumphant 80s synth jam.”
Triple J, Nick Findlay

“A listen to Johnny Hunter’s music will reveal punkish stories of heartbreak, overconfidence, and millennial masculinity.”

“Rocking what could best be described as a post-glam-rock aesthetic, Johnny Hunter are much more of an experience than they are a band.” I OH YOU


Tickets on sale now!

Saturday, October 31st Barbara Brisbane Tickets
with Perve Endings, Fragile Animals

Friday, November 6th The Lansdowne Sydney Tickets
with Baby Beef, Enclave

Friday, November 13th Crown & Anchor Adelaide  Tickets
with Don’t Bring Stacey, Seabass

Saturday, November 14th The Grace Darling Melbourne Tickets
with Destrends, Badgers

Saturday, November 21st Lalalas Wollongong Tickets
with Droves, Enclave

Early Trauma is out now! 
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