Joey Sachi’s Curated Playlist: 11 songs that best fit the vibe of ‘Fractured’

by the partae

This Boy’s In Love – The Presets

The chorus of This Boy’s In Love is an essential demonstration on layering airy vocals over kickass, driving synths.

Everything I wanted – Billie Eilish

The minimal production, highlighting the ethereal vocals.

To me – Alina Baraz

This track perfectly aligns with fractured. Super light beautiful vocals with minimal warm production to support.

Belong to You – Sabrina Claudio

The production has a similar vibe to Fractured and leaves just the right amount of space to highlight the lush vocals.

Fantasy – Alina Baraz

The general vibe as well as the minimal use of percussion for the beats throughout.

Get You – Daniel Caesar

I love the minimalist production at the beginning of this track, the relationship between the production and the vocals has a similar vibe to Fractured.

Nervous Tics – Maribou State

I really admired the way Holly Walker’s exquisite vocals are highlighted in this track, I wanted to create this space for my own vocals in Fractured.

Bonobo – Pieces

When I approached Andy Mak, my producer, I used this reference track as an example of minimal production with vocals sitting over the top of it all. The ending of this track has a little string/orchestral outro which severed as inspiration for the string breakdown in Fractured.

VIEWS – Mild Minds

I loved the liquid sounds of the production in this track, each sound in Fractured was carefully crafted to sound as lush as possible.

God Is The Space Between Us -Barry Can’t Swim

Though the BPM is much faster I really wanted to achieve the warmth that radiates from the production in this track when creating Fractured.

Walking On Water – TEED

Though it’s not the same BPM, I love the vocal tone in this track & the excitement that builds as each new production layer is added.

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