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Joe Turner

Hey Joe, welcome to the Partae!  You’ve got a pretty epic 7 track EP ‘Texture’s dropping imminently – it might be your first EP, but you’ve been turning heads for a while, we particularly loved your track Crystal Clear. Why did you decide to release a 7 track EP?

Hey! Yeah this EP has been a long time coming – but I can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to listen to. There were a few reasons behind the longer track-listing. A big factor was that, as you stated, this is my first EP and I wanted this body of work to have some sustenance and structure to it. Rather than a collection of random songs, I wanted all the songs to weave together and feel like every song plays a significant part in the EP’s journey. 

You were in bands before you started producing electronic music, right? What made you make the switch? 

Yep, that’s right! The change from band to producer happened pretty smoothly to be fair. I had been learning to produce for a few months (just making random ideas with no real direction), then our band split up – which I was gutted about. However, I felt like I had to embrace the change of lifestyle and shortly after, I started to find my feet in production and the rest is history!

What bands or artists did you listen to when you were growing up? Have they had an influence on your production style?  

Growing up there were so many different styles of music being played in my house. I’ve always loved class Motown and Disco tracks, which I feel like are the ‘club’ tracks of the 70’s and 80’s. I think the thing I try to take from those genres is the heartfelt harmony and melodies in Motown, mixed with the dancefloor based disco grooves. My style is obviously very different to them on paper; however I definitely feel those two genres in particular helped shape my music taste and later on, my decisions when writing and creating music.

It’s a scary time for the UK live music and events scene. Can you tell us about one or two key events you went to when you were younger that have helped shape who you are/the career path you’ve taken? 

I remember the first year I went to Reading Festival I was so amazed by the spectacle of the whole place. How big the stages were, how you could see so many different acts you could see across the weekend. It’s a bit cliché, but I remember watching bands up on the main stage and thinking ‘that is the coolest thing ever – I want to do that!’ So ever since then I’ve always had the ambition to perform at one of the bigger festivals, hopefully one day!

‘Textures’ is a really varied release, with a mix of dance, vocal hooks, more crossover… is this how you naturally produce, a bit of a mixture rather than focusing on one specific sound? 

Yeah that’s definitely how I produce. I have tried to limit myself to working within a specific style before, however I found that it just hinders my creativity. I think that ‘Textures’ lays a good foundation as to what I have to offer as a producer right now.

What’s next for Joe Turner? 

I will be spending the winter months writing a load of new music, maybe a few livestreams thrown in there too. Despite being in lockdown at the moment, I aim to be as creative as possible. You have to accept some days you won’t come up with anything, however it’s all about managing your expectations, and writing as many good tunes as you can!


Joe Turner ‘Textures’ EP is Out Now on LG105, get it here:


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